2018 Off The Record Manchester Festival Review

It may not attract the huge names or the air craft hanger venues but Manchester’s Off The Record festival in mid November is a must do event for anyone into the indie scene. The marketing strap line of “discover your new favourite band” is no boast.  This year over 40 top tipped acts played in 8 of the cosiest venues in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Those … Continue reading 2018 Off The Record Manchester Festival Review

Avalanche Party // Porcelain

There are a few heavy indie bands on the live circuit at the minute that laugh loudly in the face of crazy with a sweaty, crowd surfing, get-dirty-with-the-locals performance. Avalanche Party are one of those providing a service more gratifying than sex and their efforts are clearly designed to ensure their audience go home with mad loopy grins on their faces. So when I discovered that … Continue reading Avalanche Party // Porcelain