Halfway 2 Nowhere Podcast

In May 2020, we launched the brand new Halfway 2 Nowhere Podcast. Featuring artists from across the country, brewers, coffee roasters and more, the podcast follows a number of set themes depending on the audience.

Musicians get taken on their ultimate tour, playing five shows based on some set criteria. We take things right back to the start to understand what made the guys’ pick up instruments for the first time. Hone in on three of their tracks and delve into the story behind them, before finally choosing five tracks for the Halfway 2 Nowhere Podcast Playlist.

For brewers, we kick off by looking at their of their beers, how they are hopped and came to be produced. They then have to, one by one, choose their favourite beer, from the following categories, Lager, IPA, Pale, Stout/Porter, Sour/Saison. Only one per category and they can’t double up on breweries. As always, I ask for five songs for the podcast playlist and we look at what got them into brewing in “Craft Corner”.

Coffee roasters and owners, kick off with three of their blends and where they came from; we close with the podcast playlist and how they got into roasting, and our main feature takes them on their ultimate coffee trip. Five towns or cities, the best coffee they’ve ever had.


Halfway 2 Nowhere Podcast: Episode 4 – Saltaire Brewery

Episode Four of the Halfway 2 Nowhere Podcast saw Adam from Saltaire Brewery, a top brewery in West Yorkshire join me to chat all things beer, the brewery’s rebrand and his bucket list beer tasting. “At Saltaire we’re passionate about how we make our beer – it’s the only way we know how. We don’t […]

Halfway 2 Nowhere Podcast: Episode 3 – 92 Degrees

Episode Three of the Halfway 2 Nowhere Podcast saw Jack from Brew York, a coffee roasters in Liverpool join me to chat all things coffee and their roasters. “92 has been through some big changes since we first opened the doors in 2015. We now have four successful shops, and a roastery that provides expertly […]

Halfway 2 Nowhere Podcast: Episode 2 – Brew York

Episode Two of the Halfway 2 Nowhere Podcast saw Lee from Brew York, a brewery in York join me to chat all things beer and his brewery. “Brew York was born out of two friends passion (some would say obsession) for beer and brewing. Creating Brew York was the realisation of a long lived dream […]

Halfway 2 Nowhere Podcast: Episode 1 – Tom Lumley and The Brave Liaison

Episode One of the Halfway 2 Nowhere Podcast saw Cambridge’s Tom Lumley of Tom Lumley & the Brave Liaison join me to chat about his new EP, some embarrassing musical memories and much more. Tom Lumley & The Brave Liaison are fast gaining themselves a reputation for being a “must see” band who are known […]

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