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Live Review: She Drew The Gun – Future Yard, Birkenhead.

Yes, you read that correctly – Live Review. My first socially-distanced gig, She Drew The Gun, at the opening event of an exciting new venue – Future Yard – in beautiful, downtown Birkenhead. So come along, don’t dawdle, we’ve a lot to get through. Firstly a few words about the venue. The Future Yard project […]

REVIEW: Lady Bay – Primyl Vinyl

Being primarily a blog and radio show dedicated to discovering and highlighting the best in indie-rock music, it’s rare we have a straight up rock song to cover. When something special comes along though, it really taps into my musical heritage, what I was brought up on, Green Day, Shinedown, anything with guitars, drums and […]


A simple plea, sung from the heart, Hull’s finest five-piece, FEVER, release their soul-nourishing single Honesty. Throughout lockdown, one of the most engaging, entertaining artists on social media, playing lockdown sessions and more, have been Hull’s FEVER. Now they’re back with the full release of live favourite Honesty, and we’re already hooked over at H2NHQ! […]

REVIEW: Stranger – Vistas.

Sometimes in music as in sport, to be successful you need good timing and the ability to take your chances when they present themselves. Edinburgh trio Vistas appear to have this in their locker. While others dithered during this Covid-19 ravaged summer, Vistas seized the opportunity and released their debut studio album Everything Changes In […]

REVIEW: Only Human – The Receivers

FUZZED-UP INDIE-ROCKERS THE RECEIVERS RELEASE LATEST SINGLE “ONLY HUMAN”. Currently storming Yorkshire’s rich guitar scene, fuzzed-up York quartet The Receivers are last week released their latest single, ‘Only Human’. With top review already coming in from numerous blogs, I was excited to hear it for the first time being a true York local. For the […]

Leeds. Leeds. Leeds. The sound of the city.

Leeds. A word, a city, a place that has defined my life more than any other. In 25 years of life, nowhere has had such an impact on my day-to-day, like Leeds. Music, sport, education, theatre, beer, you name it, Leeds has left it’s mark on the person I am today. Never has a city […]

REVIEW: Can I Speak To A Manager ?- The Clockworks.

Since music began, lyricists have been trying to write words about subjects that touch everybody, love, life, loss. The Clockworks have hit upon the one truly universal theme of our time, one that we can all relate to – the angst brought about by trying to get anywhere with a major company’s customer helpline (and […]

REVIEW: Try and Entertain Me – Sounds Like A Storm

With Leeds United finally where they belong, the sleeping giants have been awakened, and I’ve said time and time again, it’s about time the Leeds music scene was recognized in the big leagues too. The return of Sounds Like a Storm helps matters, with their follow up to hailed EP “Classic Way of Things”, “Try […]

The Crooks – Volume 1

Just over three years ago, I set-up Halfway 2 Nowhere as a personal venture. A way of keeping a log of the great music I saw at underground festivals like Kazoopa in Leeds, the music that I found retweeted by peers, those special songs from special bands you think are going places. Over time, the […]

Music Through Grief

Music has always been a huge part of my life, more so after the recent personal tragedy I’ve had of losing my Dad in April due to Coronavirus. Throughout lockdown, you will most likely find me with my headphones in or listening to LPs on my record player. Music isn’t just something to listen to, […]

REVIEW: The Non-Stop EP – Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard.

I’ve never quite understood the concept of the EP. It’s neither one thing nor the other. The first one I ever bought was The Human Leagues’ Holiday 80 EP, 3 tracks with a total running time of just over 10 minutes. Cardiff based glamsters Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard have released, by comparison, a behemoth. The Non-Stop […]

Single Review : The Time Is Now – The Rah’s.

To say I’m excited about this release would be an understatement. I first heard this song over a year ago, and it blew me away then. I’d gone along to Zanzibar in Liverpool to a Sister Midnight event to see the headliners, but was so impressed by one of the the supporting bands that I […]

Single Review: All My Life – The Lathums.

There are some things that you should know instinctively. Wear sunscreen in the summer. Don’t eat yellow snow in the winter. Any track released by The Lathums is going to be a corker. All My Life is The Lathums first release for Island Records. It was recorded at Parr Street Studios, and produced by James […]

Underscore Part Three’s AAA Industry Interviews start today!

Across a backdrop of a gloomy three months for the music and arts industry, not only do we welcome the government’s funding announcement today but today is the start of an 3 week event where you can listen to some incredible industry Q&As, all thanks to Underscore Part Three. With a global pandemic adding to […]

Artist of the Week – The Novus

We’re back in business and music is ready to take centre stage on Halfway 2 Nowhere again. I’ve been quiet during lock-down, working out what’s best for the blog going forward and I’m delighted to launch our Artist of the Week series. Each week – this music blog will feature one artist that we think […]

Single Review: Waiting For The Rain – Andrew Cushin.

Andrew Cushin is more than a talented singer songwriter. He’s a troubadour, a lyrical poet who roams from town-to-town telling his touching tales. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you will do soon. I was lucky enough to see one of his last performances when he appeared on a This Feeling event at Brudenell […]

Single Review: Modern Times – Reclaim Vienna.

Releasing an unexpected lock-down single, based on remote writing and isolation demos is a ballsy move. With their surprise digital release Modern Times, I think that Reclaim Vienna just about pull it off. I’ve really liked the earlier songs from Reclaim Vienna. With their anthemic guitars, synth loops and driving drum beats on songs like […]

Track of the Day – Will I Ever Love Again

George Hughes has released his debut track Will I Ever Love Again? It’s a lockdown triumph, with a “Cinammon” folk line running through the track. You can’t help but tap your feet to this and I’m struggling to get it off repeat! Big working from home vibes and I like this a lot. Leeds based […]

Single Review: Time is Right – Shader.

One of the reasons for doing this job is to bring to your attention to some of the best new music that is out there. My role here today is rather redundant. If you are not aware of Time Is Right by Shader – WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Or perhaps the question should be WHERE […]

Single Review: Last Days – Take the Night.

‘Nostalgia is much more than reminiscing. It’s a feeling’, so say Gateshead duo Take the Night (Tom Homan and Dave Charlton). With their new single Last Days they have captured the feeling of mainstream Eighties synth-pop to perfection. In fact, when Halfway 2 Nowhere editor Adam, sent it to me I thought it was a […]

Single Review: Never Know – The Links.

I’ve been in lacking in motivation recently. A combination of lock-down fatigue and ‘Isolation Gig’ overload have left me somewhat in the doldrums. But then the new single Never Know from Edinburgh four-piece The Links dropped into my in-box and shook from my torpor. Never Know is the second single from The Links following on […]

Sunday 6 – June 7th 2020

MARSICANS – These Days With a debut album on the horizon, Leeds band Marsicans have been releasing hit after hit in 2020. Their new banger These Days starts slow then turns into a killer summer anthem with big riffs, addictive melodies and that recognisable Marsicans sound! BAD TOUCH – See You Again Bit different for […]

Sunday 6 – May 31st 2020

SHADER – The Time Is Right “TIME IS RIGHT is about rising up from self-destruction, or out of isolation, it’s dedicated to the underdog in society. It’s about the point where a someone decides to pull themselves together and fight against the thoughts in their mind”.  POST ROME – Want to Believe When asked specifically […]

REVIEW: Blue Family Lockdown Sessions.

The three things I’ve missed most during this period have been going to the match, going to gigs, and writing about gigs. So thank The Lord for Everton in the Community and their Blue Family Lockdown Sessions for bring me some sense of normalcy. Everton in the Community is the charity wing of the club […]

Saturday 6 – May 23rd 2020

The Claremonts – Get Away, Get Away, Get Away A combination of gritty vocals, auspicious guitar pieces, and a Madchester driven rhythm section amalgamate to form The Claremonts. This new one is up their with their best recorded work; fast paced, grungy-scuzzy-indie music to go crazy to. Got I miss live shows and I can’t wait to see this […]

City Series: Liverpool

I think Adidas did it first, and I love the idea of a ‘City Series’, so I’m delighted to have the opportunity to write about bands, venues, and gigs in Liverpool, which is still arguably the greatest musical city in the country. It’s in the blood. Someone once wrote that when a child is born […]

Friday 5 – May 15th 2020

The Crooks – In Time One of my favourite tracks released in 2020 so far, The Crooks are back with “In Time” the hotly anticipated follow-up to “She Walks Alone”. This is a beautifully crafted song, with a belting vocal and an Oasis-esque melody running throughout. The Chesterfield five-piece are a true class act, and […]

REVIEW: Forever – Apollo Junction

We’ve all got them.  Got loads of them.  Velocity Girl by Primal Scream is one of mine.  Whenever I hear it, I’m transported back in time to my university bar, and I can see my mate Sean Carter shovelling coins into the juke box.  At 10 pence a pop for a single lasting just over […]

NEW: Shrink – Tom Lumley & the Brave Liaison

“Shrink” is the brand new track, and the second from the four-piece’s upcoming EP, Sign of the Times due at the end of this month. We’re now four months into 2020, and what a year it’s been so far for new music. Amongst the many negatives that exist in our society right now, the new […]

NEW: Artificial – Room D

I don’t know about you, but I’m just about done with this lockdown and I’ve give anything to be in a smelly field, surrounded by sweaty teenagers and old men who think they’ve still got it, right in the midst of festival season. Luckily, Room D have just released their brand new single “Artificial” which […]

Review: You – Dirty Laces

”Put some ketchup on it”.  Do you know who said that?  John Lennon.  He used to say that to his sound engineer during recording sessions.  “Put some ketchup on it!”’.  These were the last words that Dirty Laces guitarist Jacob Simpson said to me following our interview in December. With their latest single You, Dirty […]

REVIEW: Breathless – Gallus

I’m loving a lot of the stuff coming out of Scotland at the moment.  The Snuts are vying for the title of Indie Kings.  One of my favourite live discoveries of recent times are Edinburgh’s The Rah’s.  Waving the Saltire for Scottish punk are The Dunts.  To my list of Caledonian favourites, I can now […]

REVIEW: Into the Night – Clear Vinyl

Into The Night is the latest release from Sheffield band Clear Vinyl. The long anticipated follow up from their trio of singles in 2019, Into The Night is a song about not fitting in, wanting to escape and go back to simpler times. Band: Clear VinylTrack: Into The NightTime: 3:29 minutesFor fans of: Cold Years, […]

REVIEW: Nylon Wire – Egyptian Blue

On April 10th, Brighton based Egyptian Blue will release their sophomore EP “Body of Itch” the long-anticipated follow up to 2019’s “Collateral Damage”. The band have today shared the second track from the EP, “Nylon Wire” which comes after the release of the scuzzy first track, “Never”. Their debut EP gained radio airplay on some […]

INTERVIEW: Reclaim Vienna

I was looking forward to seeing Reclaim Vienna play Zanzibar in Liverpool this weekend.  I was not surprised or disappointed that the gig was cancelled.  These are strange times we’re living in, but gigs will be rescheduled, and that’ll give us all something to look forward to. Cheshire based Reclaim Vienna are brothers Danny and […]

REVIEW: Feel My Soul – The DLX

Bristol based, dirty-rock, band The DLX are back with new single “Feel My Soul”. The track is their first in 2020 and signals a more mature and original sound than before. It’s a typical British indie-rock song, with a classic DLX grunge-like feel running throughout. Band: The DLXTrack: Feel My SoulTime: 3:35 minutesFor fans of: […]

REVIEW: [Insert Girls Name Here] – The Luka State

There’s little doubt that we all know where the beating heart of North-West indie music currently lies.  Wigan.  Perhaps Wigan should be looking over its shoulder, towards the south and the salty Cheshire plains around Winsford.  Local boys, Deja Vega are building an escalating reputation, Reclaim Vienna are creating a bit of a buzz, and […]

REVIEW: Bad Decisions – Chasing Deer

Band: Chasing DeerTrack: Bad DecisionsTime: 2:55 minutesFor fans of: Shinedown, Hozier, Tom WalkerH2N Rating 72/100 The UK’s answer to Shinedown have arrived with Bad Decisions, their most ambitious and complex effort to date. When I first heard Chasing Deer in 2019 when they released Unstoppable I thought, “nice, this is nice” and I compared them […]

REVIEW: I Want It All – Blackwaters

Band: BlackwatersTrack: I Want It AllTime: 2:36 minutesFor fans of: Libertines, Babyshambles, FIDLARH2N Rating 76/100 Sheffield’s Blackwaters release follow-up to indie anthem Two Time Lover. I Want It All is loud, fast paced and up there with their best work to date. So with the country in almost lockdown, I’ve taken it upon myself to […]

REVIEW: Brain Cell – Autopilot

Band: AutopilotTrack: Brain CellTime: 3:57 minutesFor fans of: Killers, Sundara Karma, New OrderH2N Rating 69/100 In an attempt to review a band starting with every letter in 2020, I thought it logical to kick off with the letter A and there was no better band to choose than midlands outfit Autopilot who recently released new […]

Stockton Calling announces full lineup

Stockton Calling’s Full Line-Up Announced Stockton Calling – Teesside’s biggest and best multi-venue music festival – returns to Stockton on Saturday 11 April 2020.  Each year, venues across the town host stellar headliners, some of the most exciting national emerging artists, alongside the very best of regional acts. Now in its 11th year, Stockton Calling […]

LIVE: RATS – The Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool

When I got in on Friday night, I turned on the TV, and there was a programme on BBC 4 titled ‘Whatever Happened to Rock and Roll’.  Well Lauren Laverne and Eric Burdon, if you’d spent the last few hours at Liverpool’s Invisible Wind Factory, courtesy of This Feeling, then you’d know it’s alive and […]

LIVE: The Sherlocks – O2 Academy, Sheffield

It’s been a long time since The Sherlocks played their last headline show in Sheffield but on Friday night, it felt like they’d never been away with a sold out show at the O2 Academy. In 2019, the Sheffield four-piece secured their second Top 20 record with Under Your Sky, the long-awaited follow up to […]

REVIEW: Over The Moor – Glass Violet

Band: Glass VioletTrack: Over The MoorTime: 4:36 minutesFor fans of: Killers, Kasabian, Catfish & The BottlemenH2N Rating 81/100 Last month, Bristol based band Glass Violet released their second single Over The Moor, the eagerly anticipated follow up to 2019’s Chemicals. The four piece (Alex John, Tom Hurdiss, Matt West, Josh Walsh and Declan Pollard) formed […]

REVIEW: Enemies – Skylights

Band: SkylightsTrack: EnemiesTime: 4:11 minutesFor fans of: The Ramones, The Stone Roses, OasisH2N Rating 72/100 What a year it’s looking like it’s going to be for York’s Skylights. With a Shed Seven support in Halifax announced, sold out shows in Yorkshire and festivals lined-up nationwide during the summer, the four lads from Acomb have come […]

STAGE: The Three Musketeers – Theatre Royal, York

Written in 1844, The Three Musketeers is a 700 page epic novel that tells teh story of d’Artagnan who leaves home to join, hopefully, the Musketeers of the Guard in Paris. Since being published, the story has been world renowned on stage, with an epic run on Broadway from 1928 the pick of the shows. […]

LIVE: Faux Pas with Brooders & Bloodhound – Victoria Vaults, York

Faux Pas blow roof off local York venue Victoria Vaults during Independent Venue Week show playing alongside Brooders & Bloodhound. Independent Venue Week is one of the best weeks in the musical calendar and this year, York’s venues embraced it more than ever before. During the week, on a cold Wednesday night, I headed down […]

Live: The Clockworks – The Jacaranda Club, Liverpool

There is definitely something in the water, over the water.  The quality of the bands currently coming coming out of Ireland is first rate.  Inhaler are a band whose name is on the lips of many.  Fontaines D.C. album Dogrel was on countless album of the year lists.  The Murder Capital are playing to larger […]

Review: The Night We Ran Away – The Joyride

Who doesn’t like a bit a synth-pop?  Well nobody judging by the current playlist of our nations radio stations.  And who doesn’t like a bit of synth-pop with added guitars?  Again nobody.  Except perhaps Neil Tennant.  But he’s wrong.  Newest cab off the synth-pop rank are Merseyside based The Joyride. The Joyride are Felix Shipton […]


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