Lo/No Alcohol

All of the flavour without the hangover.

One of the growing trends in the UK and across Europe, is instead of reaching for big alcoholic beers every day, we reach for a good quality no/lo alcohol beer. With some of the world’s biggest and best breweries trying to break into the market, it’s easy to see why more people are turning to these drinks and Brew & Bean is here to bring you the very best!

What is a lo/no alcoholic drink?

It has long been debated what actually constitutes a lo/no alcoholic drink.

Does it have to have, completely, zero alcohol in, or do 0.5% and below count? At Brew and Bean, we champion all adult sodas, and alcohol-free beverages up to 0.5% ABV.

The main differences in lo/no is that the beer can either have no alcohol (up to 0.05%) or be brewed like a beer then de-alcoholised (up to 0.5%).

There may be the odd time we choose to profile a “low alcohol” beer to which we say is anything up to 1.2% – bear in mind though this is still alcoholic so drink responsibly!

Keep a clear head – choose the beer style you like (you don’t need to drink Kaliber…)

Lager & Pilsner

Often the most popular way to start on alcohol-free beers, most of us who’ve tried a Sober October or a Dry January have probably picked up a Heineken 0.0% or a Budweiser Prohibition. These are ok alternatives whilst in the pub, but there are some really great lager and pilsner style beers out there you can try.


With IPAs, compared to lagers and darker beers, there’s a bit less to hide behind. The craft beer revolution has seen more and more drinkers become used to what a good IPA tastes like so creating a Lo/No alternative isn’t easy. It needs to taste boozy, juicy, hazy and everything in between.