Top 10 Unsigned Singles of 2017

Here we are then, the final ten, the best ten songs released by unsigned artists at the time of release this year. This was a ridiculously hard choice and having cut down over 400 tracks to get here you should know how special these tracks are. No more words, just ten huge tracks. Listen right... Continue Reading →


A-Z of 2017 – Part 2 – G-L

G is for...Glass The word glass seems to be everywhere in 2017. Whether it's Liam Gallagher's triumphant return in "Wall of Glass" or Sunset Lines debut single "Glass", the word keeps cropping up. Why we've chosen it though is for the four, yes four, bands with glass in their name that have smashed 2017 already and... Continue Reading →

A-Z of music in 2017 so far…

Amazingly, there are only 150 days left in 2017! This year has flown by and the music released and gigs that have been played have been bigger and better than anything that has gone previously. With so much more expected to come in the final few months, we thought we'd run through our A-Z so... Continue Reading →

Top 40 of 2015: 5-1

This is it! We've reached the conclusion of the countdown of the best 40 songs of what has been an incredible year of music! Bands from the USA, Canada, Australia and all over Europe have been included in this amazing countdown but the top five belongs to the UK (except one little group from New... Continue Reading →

Top 40 2016: 10-6

Into the final ten, the best ten songs of 2016, and isn't this just so exciting! So far we have seen some simply stunning tracks from some of the worlds most established bands, freshest new bands and exciting alternative artists. It's making my mouth water just thinking about these top ten songs so let's get on... Continue Reading →

Top 40 of 2016: 20-11

Into the top 20 we go and as you'll be expecting, there are some serious "tunes" in the final half of the countdown. With only a few days to go, we will rattle through the next ten and then countdown the final ten from tomorrow. 20 - The Chaser - Twin Atlantic Twin Atlantic's triumphant... Continue Reading →

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