EP Review: roves – a strung out pilot

How better to follow four class 2018 single releases but with a first EP to cement their sound? Reading based roves follow in their daring push-the-boundaries style with their fresh new EP a strung out pilot. While I tend to post reviews only about tracks I enjoy, there are some current artists that truly stand out for me and roves accounted for 2 of my … Continue reading EP Review: roves – a strung out pilot

Artist Feature: Foreign TV

There are always those early morning hours at the end of an evening where we just need a little reflective musical pick up; nothing too busy or banging but something fairly gentle, flowing and lacy intricate delicate. South London Epsom based Foreign TV are turning this early hours need into a niche with their second quality single Magnets. There’s a nice late night jazzy feel … Continue reading Artist Feature: Foreign TV

Single Review: The Elephant Trees – 4100

A cold clinical synth beat, a tinkle of music, then a tribal holler and a beating pulse opens the song. A few seconds later, Martha Phillips’ trade mark crystal clear voice wriggles through the sound like a stalking python.  I suspect that on hearing the intro only a small proportion of Elephant Trees fans would guess it was their latest single, 4100. 4100 marks another … Continue reading Single Review: The Elephant Trees – 4100

Album Review: Calva Louise – Rhinoceros

Sometimes I like thoughtful reflective music; other times I like music that makes me feel like I’m driving a cool car fast along a deserted beach with the sun and wind in my hair. This spring take Calva Louise’s debut album Rhinoceros with your key fob, sunnies and sun cream. With Calva Louise’s album Rhinoceros you get both reflection largely in the lyrics and hedonism … Continue reading Album Review: Calva Louise – Rhinoceros

Single Review: Callow Youth – Did It Really Matter?

There is a glut of super talented 18 year olds in indie at the moment; proof enough that guitar music is on the cusp of resurgence; can’t you just feel it bubbling everywhere at the moment? Manchester’s (Moston) Callow Youth are amongst the best of this new emerging generation, and they certainly have the very best descriptive band name (although if a career in music … Continue reading Single Review: Callow Youth – Did It Really Matter?

Single Review: My Octopus Mind – Elska

Given the easier migration of travellers and workers from Eastern Europe and beyond, moving around the world over the past 20 years, perhaps it is not a surprise that a new wave of that rather hypnotic easy flow of traditional European folk music has travelled alongside them, and lodged itself in our musical conscious. I’m no stranger to this melding of musical cultures; for some … Continue reading Single Review: My Octopus Mind – Elska

Single Review: Gently Tender’s – Some Hard Advice

A band that used to make me insanely happy was London’s Palma Violets. Lead vocalist Sam Fryer and two of his former band mates (Pete Mayhew and Will Doyle) are now touting for business as members of Gently Tender (together with The Big Moon’s Celia Archer, and guitarist Adam Brown also in the band). Last autumn saw the tantalising release of the first couple of … Continue reading Single Review: Gently Tender’s – Some Hard Advice

Single Review: VENUS – Deranged

It’s not often I get genuinely “blown away” by debut singles. On the whole they’re often safe, just a glimmer of a band’s real potential and don’t really sound too ambitious. It’s not often I swear in my reviews either – it just isn’t professional – but that being said…how fucking refreshing to hear a girl band breaking boundaries and producing music that screams “fuck … Continue reading Single Review: VENUS – Deranged

EP Review: IST IST – Everything Is Different Now

With my beloved working in London, there was chance this week, for me to reorganise the living room so I could recover the turntable out of the small pile in the corner (in my world, a tidy house indicates you just don’t have enough going on), play the new IST IST 12 inch EP Everything Is Different Now and keep a wary eye on the … Continue reading EP Review: IST IST – Everything Is Different Now

Single Review: Working Men’s Club – Bad Blood

Many young bands take quite tentative steps when releasing their first single, so the jaunty, confident and bouncing sound of Todmorden band Working Men’s Club,and their debut released track Bad Blood is a revelation. I caught the band playing support to the mighty Goa Express in Todmorden in August and despite a slightly chaotic sound check, they easily set themselves up as ones to watch. It … Continue reading Single Review: Working Men’s Club – Bad Blood