In conversation with..Tom Hingley of Inspiral Carpets

At Live at Leeds back in April I had the honour of interviewing the legendary Tom Hingley of the Inspiral Carpets. Coming up this Thursday  is Tom’s gig with the Kar-pets celebrating the anniversary of “Return of the Goldfish” at Belgrave which we urge everybody to get to! 25th Anniversary of the record, thinking back can you remember that experience of writing and touring? We … Continue reading In conversation with..Tom Hingley of Inspiral Carpets

In Conversation With..Jordan Allen

At Live at Leeds at the end of last month we had the genuine honour of interviewing one of the highlight artists of the day Jordan Allen. After the release of 110 Ways to Make Things Better we’ve been huge fans of Jordan and his band and could not miss the opportunity to have a chat before they’re selling out the big venues. Here’s what the great man … Continue reading In Conversation With..Jordan Allen

In Conversation With…In Your Prime

“Under a carpet doorway” at Sucker Punch Festival, we spoke to the incredible In Your Prime before their main support slot. This bunch of young people are one of the most exciting bands I’ve seen so far this year both supporting The Elephant Trees and at Sucker Punch Festival and it was a pleasure to interview them before their inevitable rise. For those of you who haven’t heard of the band, … Continue reading In Conversation With…In Your Prime

In conversation with…Shadow Palace (featuring JUDAS)

Double Denim seems to go from strength to strength week after week. Friday 31st March was no different as JUDAS headlined Verve with a band we had never seen before in support. That band was Shadow Palace, a group of lads from Oldham who blew me away with their sound. It wasn’t britpop, it wasn’t indie it was an individual sound powered by huge hooks, … Continue reading In conversation with…Shadow Palace (featuring JUDAS)

In conversation with…The Brazen

A couple of weeks ago, Yorkshire based band The Brazen released their electric new single “Delusion”. Critics and fans alike praised the track for being a brave new sound for the band that are rooted in classic rock. Last year the band toured far and wide across the UK and had a whole host of support from radio stations, blogs and news outlets alike following … Continue reading In conversation with…The Brazen

In Conversation With..Jon and Ben of Red Light Revival

This weekend Red Light Revival will perform at Brudenell Social Club in support of the incredible Kyle Gass Band. Ahead of their huge show this weekend we spoke to Jon and Ben from Red Light Revival. Asking how the show came about Jon said that “me and Ben really do a lot of social media promotion and we just get out there and generally big … Continue reading In Conversation With..Jon and Ben of Red Light Revival

In Conversation With..Fatherson

Sometimes, being a writer for a blog can be tough. Writing up interviews, writing reviews you don’t particularly want to, all in spare time. But at times you get to meet people you admire so much, and on the 10th March one of them moments happened. For the last couple of years, few bands have stood out more for me than Fatherson and they gave up … Continue reading In Conversation With..Fatherson