INTERVIEW: Reclaim Vienna

I was looking forward to seeing Reclaim Vienna play Zanzibar in Liverpool this weekend.  I was not surprised or disappointed that the gig was cancelled.  These are strange times we’re living in, but gigs will be rescheduled, and that’ll give us all something to look forward to. Cheshire based Reclaim Vienna are brothers Danny andContinue reading “INTERVIEW: Reclaim Vienna”

Interview – The Luka State, Jimmy’s, Liverpool, 13/12/2019

Gigs for me at Jimmy’s in Liverpool are a bit like Merseyside buses.  Nothing for ages, then three come at once.  Last week was The Mysterines, tomorrow will be The Kairos headlining a set of new, young, local bands, but tonight is a bit different.  Tonight, I am sat at tiny table in the littleContinue reading “Interview – The Luka State, Jimmy’s, Liverpool, 13/12/2019”

roves: that thursday night single review and interview

Those though provoking and sublime roves guys from Reading recently sent me a copy of their then upcoming single that thursday night. I knew immediately what to do; wait til after work on the anointed day, crack open a beer, grab the cat and take my sounds to the garden while the heat of the summer day wasContinue reading “roves: that thursday night single review and interview”

Artist Feature: Foreign TV

There are always those early morning hours at the end of an evening where we just need a little reflective musical pick up; nothing too busy or banging but something fairly gentle, flowing and lacy intricate delicate. South London Epsom based Foreign TV are turning this early hours need into a niche with their secondContinue reading “Artist Feature: Foreign TV”

Live Interview: The Sherlocks at Bingley Music Live

I remember the moment I first heard The Sherlocks like it was yesterday. I was in a dodgy B&B in Ireland listening to some generic background music on YouTube getting ready for an evening out with the family and a song came on that caught me the second the first riff kicked in. Live for the Moment, whichContinue reading “Live Interview: The Sherlocks at Bingley Music Live”

R&L 2018 – Artist of the Weekend, Sounds Like a Storm

This weekend marks the best three days in the British music calendar as Reading and Leeds Festivals take place. We have picked one artist, opening up the Radio 1 Stage, as our artist of the weekend who you simply cannot miss – they’re Leeds band Sounds Like a Storm.  For about 2 years now, we’ve followedContinue reading “R&L 2018 – Artist of the Weekend, Sounds Like a Storm”

Vuromantics choose their favourite albums of all time

Music has the power to change lives, trigger countless emotions and above all, make people feel truly alive. Throughout history, there have been too many iconic records and singles that have impacted on people’s life day-to-day and our latest feature aims to highlight some of these records. Each week we’ll be asking different people toContinue reading “Vuromantics choose their favourite albums of all time”

Why is there still a challenge for female artists securing places at music festivals?

“A North-East bar recently banned female rock bands from playing their venue, with their owner suggesting women “can’t sing rock”. They might have a point, I mean, I’m struggling to think of any…oh wait, Blondie, Evanescence, Marmozets, Fleetwood Mac, Gwen Stefani, Pvris the list goes on. Some of the greatest songs of all time comeContinue reading “Why is there still a challenge for female artists securing places at music festivals?”


Fresh from touring with Lower Than Atlantis, the new band from down-under making serious noises in the pop-punk/rock scene is Aussie band The Faim. Having enjoyed great success in the UK with recent release “Saints of the Sinners”, the five-piece are ready to take on the world with their new brand of music. We caught up withContinue reading “BAND INTERVIEW: The Faim”