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Since 2018, we’ve been writing about our favourite beers, breweries, coffees and roasters, up and down the United Kingdom. Featuring Q&As with brewers, roasters, product reviews and more. Enjoy!

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We believe that good beer and good coffee should be championed. Everyone thinks they know all there is to know about beer and coffee and we’re here to educate and entertain you with reviews and articles from some of the best brewers and roasters in the UK.


Recent Articles

  • Brew and Bean Home Tasting: Turning Point Brewing Co.
    Week 2 of our home tasting sessions; this week it was the turn of Turning Point Brewing Co. with four of their current beers they’ve brewed during lockdown. Who are […]
  • Chapter Brewing – Fictional Beer, Real Character
    This week, I had a new book delivered called “The Science of Storytelling” by Will Storr. The narrative goes, we rarely consider what makes a story engaging and compelling and […]
  • Brew and Bean Home Tasting: Alphabet Brewing Company
    With pubs still closed and brewery tours unlikely to resume for a while, each week I’ll be doing a tasting session alongside my girlfriend whose also a keen beer-drinker, with […]
  • Halfway 2 Nowhere Podcast: Episode 3 – 92 Degrees
    Episode Three of the Halfway 2 Nowhere Podcast saw Jack from Brew York, a coffee roasters in Liverpool join me to chat all things coffee and their roasters. “92 has […]
  • Neptune Brewery
    In 2015, two passionate home brewers opened up Neptune Brewery in the outskirts of Liverpool. Since then, Les and Geoff have made Neptune one of the north-west’s leading breweries, with […]
  • Roost Coffee
    Malton, a market town in North Yorkshire is the heartbeat of food and drink culture in the north of England. With excellent breweries, including Brass Castle and some of the […]
  • Halfway 2 Nowhere Podcast: Episode 2 – Brew York
    Episode Two of the Halfway 2 Nowhere Podcast saw Lee from Brew York, a brewery in York join me to chat all things beer and his brewery. “Brew York was […]
  • Polly’s Brewing Co. – Meet Arron Fellows
    The Welsh brewing scene, over the past few years, has been electric. Our Battle of the Breweries currently live over on Twitter proves that with Tiny Rebel, Flowerhorn, Boss Brewing […]
  • McColl’s Brewery
    In recent years, the north-east beer scene has been growing and several breweries (Wylam, Almasty, Anarchy for example) have become household name for beer drinkers nationwide. One brewery that is […]