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Since 2018, we’ve been writing about our favourite beers, breweries, coffees and roasters, up and down the United Kingdom. Featuring Q&As with brewers, roasters, product reviews and more. Enjoy!


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We believe that good beer and good coffee should be championed. Everyone thinks they know all there is to know about beer and coffee and we’re here to educate and entertain you with reviews and articles from some of the best brewers and roasters in the UK.

Roaster of the Week

Every month, we choose one roaster from the UK to highlight as our “Roaster of the Week”. All over social media we’ll be highlighting their coffee, looking at different brewing methods, the flavour profiles and more.

This Week – Echelon Coffee

#12 Brew By Numbers Halfway 2 Nowhere Podcast

This week, Adam chats to Mike from Brew By Numbers. The brewery:Based on the famous Bermondsey Beer Mile in London, Brew By Numbers is one of the UK's flagship breweries. Brew By Numbers has now released over 350 different beers across an expansive range of styles. Thanks to the hard work of everyone across the company, Brew By Numbers has been ranked as one of the Top 100 Breweries in The World by RateBeer. The beers:01 Saison: Cucumber and Juniper 19 Gose: Guava42 DDH Pale: Number 5Ultimate Beer Tasting:Lager/Pilsner: Donzoko – Big FoamBlonde/Bitter/Wheat: Cloudwater – Bergamot Hopfen WeissePale/IPA: Dark Star APAStout/Porter: The Kernel – Export StoutMiscellaneous: Burning Sky – Les Amie du BrassageRecorded via Zoom Recording. Artwork by Adam Graver.Find beers from BBNo available for national delivery at Adam Graver is the Editor and Founder of Halfway 2 Nowhere and Brew & Bean Online Blog – to find out more 
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Brewery of the Week

Similar to our roaster of the week, every 7 days we have a new brewery we drink their beers from. Culminating in a tasting session, we usually have discount codes and more to help you pick which beers you should be purchasing.

This Week – Fyne Ales

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No/Lo Alcohol

One of the things we champion at Brew & Bean, isn’t just the best in big punch alcoholic beers, it’s the best in low and no alcohol beverages. Whether that be a Milk Stout, refreshing lager or a new soda, whenever we find a belter we’ll bring it to you!

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