Festival Review: Made In Manchester – Stalybridge

I think my beloved wasn’t listening, but over the bank holiday weekend I snuck in with her verbal approval another last-minute festival. At £20 each and a short train trip across the border to where people sound like Victoria Wood and Peter Kaye, Made in Manchester made perfect sense. Add perfect weather, good toilets, aContinue reading “Festival Review: Made In Manchester – Stalybridge”

roves: that thursday night single review and interview

Those though provoking and sublime roves guys from Reading recently sent me a copy of their then upcoming single that thursday night. I knew immediately what to do; wait til after work on the anointed day, crack open a beer, grab the cat and take my sounds to the garden while the heat of the summer day wasContinue reading “roves: that thursday night single review and interview”

GETRZ smash it with new EP Think Of The Future

I’m sure you can imagine our inbox at Halfway 2 Nowhere is pretty busy, so it takes quite something for a track to stand out from the crowd. Released on 23rd August, Swindon’s finest GETRZ hit the spot immediately with intro track Insomniac Waltz. In its scant 90 seconds there’s menace enough to keep aContinue reading “GETRZ smash it with new EP Think Of The Future”

Nos Alive ’19: Primal Scream and Idles

Nos Alive is our summer festival of choice. Not only is it held in our favourite city, Lisbon in sunny Portugal, we don’t have to endure the drunk 4am rendition of Wonderwall at the campsite because we use a hotel up the road. While this year, the quality of the acts felt a little thinContinue reading “Nos Alive ’19: Primal Scream and Idles”

Single Review: Nana White Pepper – Tear The World Apart

Having caught Blackpool’s Nana White Pepper live a couple of times this summer, they have quickly become one of a select group of my must-see live bands. The band have a nice blend of aggressive and punchy guitar music and a strong and thoughtful vocal. If you adore intelligent bouncing music along the lines ofContinue reading “Single Review: Nana White Pepper – Tear The World Apart”

Single Release: The Clause – In My Element

Those hardworking feisty Brummy lads The Clause always have an element of surprise and shape shifting in their dna as they deftly swerve from musical genre to genre. This time new track In My Element reminds me of a deliciously melded mix of clean 60’s rock-pop and post Manchester baggy. There is a fine lineContinue reading “Single Release: The Clause – In My Element”

Single Review: Gold Baby – 500/1

Catching London based band Gold Baby play live was by far the best thing about my recent birthday trip to London (along with having a great early bird meal at the Istanbul bistro attached to Great Portland Street tube). We had pre booked train tickets and hotel to see the magnificent Cage The Elephant soContinue reading “Single Review: Gold Baby – 500/1”

Single Review: The Maitlands – Dissatisfied

Those hardworking fans of Derker near Oldham, The Maitlands, are at it again with their new single Dissatisfied, one of two new tracks being birthed this summer. I always admire The Maitlands as they pretty much embody what grass roots music is about; keeping it local, being kind and supportive to other local bands andContinue reading “Single Review: The Maitlands – Dissatisfied”

Live: Sheafs + Narrow Margins, Manchester

While being older certainly has its comforts and benefits, I can often define the bands I see live on 3 levels; whether they don’t move me, whether they make me wish I was young or whether they actually do make me younger. With the line up of Narrow Margin, Matter of Mind, and SHEAFS atContinue reading “Live: Sheafs + Narrow Margins, Manchester”

Single Review: Purple Thread – I’m All About You

Leeds quartet Purple Thread are Halfway 2 Nowhere favourites because of their assured, sassy rocky style, and either live or on record, this band are always a tonic (or ear drops), for bored ears. This time around lead vocalist Liz Mann and her band of merry men (believe me, that sounded better in my head)Continue reading “Single Review: Purple Thread – I’m All About You”