Runaway Hounds – Sophie

Runaway Hounds are an unsigned, emerging Indie-Rock act from Wolverhampton who’s new track ‘Sophie’ is a slick, finely tuned anthem of the genre, and a must listen for fans of the likes of Catfish And The Bottlemen, Peace, and Swim Deep. The band consists of Owen Stav (Guitar and Lead Vocals), Kent Stav (Guitar), Dan Glover (Bass), Callum Ford (Drums). ‘Sophie’ opens with a rocking, … Continue reading Runaway Hounds – Sophie

Atlanta House – Home

Atlanta House’s debut EP Home is slick, classic sounding Indie-Rock with a quietly swaggering confidence. The band, for those who don’t know, are an emerging Indie-Rock outfit from Leeds, consisting of Matt Hirst (Lead Vocals), Jake Ingleson (Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals), Luke Williams (Lead Guitar), Nigel Ngwenya (Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals), and Connor Carbutt (Drums & Percussion). (Featured above, Atlanta House) The EP … Continue reading Atlanta House – Home

Misfires – Do You Wanna?

Misfires are a four piece Indie-Rock band from Swindon with a flurry of media praise behind them, and their new single Do You Wanna? doesn’t let up on their current track record. The band’s innate ability to craft timeless-sounding Indie-Rock is perhaps no better exemplified than in this new single, an instantly catchy, guitar driven track which knows its target audience down to what socks … Continue reading Misfires – Do You Wanna?

Bang Bang Romeo – Chemical

Bang Bang Romeo’s single Chemical is a powerhouse track of brash bravado and soulful exuberance which does nothing but favours for the bands rumbling rise. The South Yorkshire four-piece have had a summer of festival appearances at the likes of TRNSMT, Isle of White, Reading and more. The track begins with the quietly sonorous swagger of a Lana Del Rey track, from the tentatively controlled … Continue reading Bang Bang Romeo – Chemical

Spilt Milk Society – She Tastes Like Summer

Spilt Milk Society’s new single She Tastes Like Summer is an Indie-Rock anthem track with a profoundly intimate atmosphere which will be a welcome addition to Indie-Rock playlists everywhere. The band are a 5 piece from Birmingham, and have released She Tastes Like Summer on the back of an already successful summer with performances at The Great Escape Festival and several sold-out hometown shows. The … Continue reading Spilt Milk Society – She Tastes Like Summer

The Dark LP – Places

Leeds Alt-Rock trio The Dark LP’s latest single Places builds upon their 2015 EP’s electrifying sound, offering more bravado in the anthemic choruses and intense guitar riffs. The band, consisting of Alex Cairns (Vocals and Lead Guitar), Nick Doyle (Bass Guitar), and Richard Parker (Drums), performed most recently at Double Denim at the Underground in Bradford, and the new single Places has been featured by … Continue reading The Dark LP – Places

LELO – Different Types of Love

LELO, the freshest faced singer-songwriter, has released his debut EP Different Types Of Love – four tracks of synth-heavy, Indie Dream-Pop, with an atmosphere so chilled-out that it threatens to collapse in on itself. LELO’s opening track ‘HOME’ immediately acts as a blueprint for the EP’s direction and stylistic influences, and its well-crafted, succinct statement of this artistic intent makes it a fantastic example of … Continue reading LELO – Different Types of Love

King Nun – Spunge

King Nun are a quartet of four twenty year old’s from London and have recently released their new single ‘Sponge’, a B-Side to their ear-bursting track ‘Hung Around’. ‘Sponge’ offers a departure from King Nun’s typically catchy violence as exemplified in ‘Hung Around’, instead offering a more obviously carefully constructed track, whilst still maintaining the band’s raw intensity. The result of King Nun’s more melodic … Continue reading King Nun – Spunge

Callaghan – The Other Side

US based singer-songwriter Callaghan’s new EP The Other Side offers four tracks of well-polished pop-music which actually smell of Radio 2 Airtime. The titular opening track is a charged opener to the EP. The soft piano opening and Callaghan’s delicate vocals do not offer anything new to the genre but certainly the effect of this genre done well. With its immaculate production and eye-wateringly catchy … Continue reading Callaghan – The Other Side