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Roaster of the Week – Echelon Coffee Roasters

Who are Echelon Coffee Roasters?

Echelon Coffee is a small speciality coffee roasters based in Leeds. They opened their roastery in 2018 with the goal to bring the best coffee globally to the Yorkshire region, in the most ethical of ways.

Their coffees, predominantly Afircan all rank high on the cupping scale, are leading in the area and have a range of tasting notes that really do say what they do on the bag. With single order options as well as regular subscriptions you should consider Echelon as your next coffee purchase.

The coffee

Rwanda – Dukunde Kawa

The Coffee:
Origin – Rwanda
Process – Natural
Altitude – 1900-2200m
Variety – Red Bourbon
Tasting notes – Plum jam sweetness, strawberries and cream, galaxy chocolate. Balanced and intense
Cupping score – 87.25

Ben’s comments: Dukunde Kawa comprises three washing stations, and has over 1,000 members. Most of these smallholder producers own less than a quarter of a hectare of land, where they cultivate an average of only 250 – 300 coffee trees each as well as other subsistence food crops such as maize and beans. Dukunde Kawa gives these farmers the chance to combine their harvests and process cherries centrally. Farmers who work with Dukunde Kawa have seen their income at least double, and the co-op produces some outstanding lots for the specialty market year after year. ‘Musasa’ means ‘a place to make a bed’ and ‘Dukunde Kawa’ means ‘let’s love coffee’ in Kinyarwanda – a reference to the power of coffee to improve the lives of those in rural communities. This particulatr coffee is incredibly sweet, with notes of plum jam, strawberries and cream and milk chocolate.

Our thoughts: I was really looking forward to this, with tasting notes of plum jam, strawberries and cream, galaxy chocolate – this is right up my street. I brewed it this week using AeroPress only – plenty left over to try other methods mind – and it was truly outstanding.

The aroma was a light, chocolate-like smell, quite sweet but with a cocoa bitterness. After some time in the cup there was a fruity afternote, likely in line with that plum jam tasting note. If I could put a wick in this coffee and turn it into a candle, I absolutely would.

Black, this single origin was a well balanced, medium bodied coffee that had a fruity, chocolate taste, but similar to the aroma, a bitterness that arrived late but left a lasting aftertaste. The plum jam comes through subtly giving it a fruity acidity expected in a quality of this standard. With milk, the dukunde kawa excelled; chocolate, creaminess with a malty base, it was just awesome. No sourness, no saltiness, just a smooth, medium roast that does exactly what it says on the bag.

Read more and buy here.

Ethiopia – Bookkisa

Review coming 02.06

Kenya – Gakundu AA

Review coming 05.06

Meet the roaster

Q&A incoming

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