Brew and Bean

Top Ten Beers – June

This month we’ve got beers coming from Pomona Island, Northern Monk, Bedlam, Marble, Anarchy, Tooth & Claw and many more!

Bedlam Brewery– East Coast Pale Ale – 4.4% (02.06.2020)

Big juice bomb of a beer. It’s like Club Tropica on speed. Huge fruit flavours; passion fruit, pineapple, Guava and a lush Citra and Simcoe balance. If you’re looking for the perfect summer beer. Look no further!

Big Drop Brewing Co. x Fyne Ales – Jam Session – 0.5% Raspberry Gose (07.06.2020)

Carrying on our Lo/No month, I really liked this collab. There is big Brewing influence here by Fyne and they’ve done a great job with Big Drop.

Aroma is just jam. If you compare to Pump Up The Jam from tiny rebel this actually surpasses the Jam Aroma.

Taste wise, the first drink was interesting as I was expecting sour and sweetness to be there in heaps, and it wasn’t. It’s much more subtle and when you know what you’re expecting you get sweetness and sourness at different times, jam and raspberry flavours in nice doses and even a hint of rhubarb.

Excellent alcohol free beer. 81/100

Brouwerij Frontaal – Juice Punch V12 – 5.8% NEIPA

Exactly what it says on the tin. Huge punch in the face of tropical flavours. Passion fruit, pineapple and Guava really clear. Fresh, fruity, nice haze and well balanced. Nothing more needs to be said.


Pomona Island – Effanineffable – 6.5% IPA (01.06.2020)

Nelson Sauvin and Motueka dry Hopped Pale Ale. Big boozy, fruity flavours. Thick mouth feel and you can certainly tell this is an IPA above 6%. Peach and vanilla aromas. Orange, mango and a bitter pine aftertaste. 88/100

Pomona Island – It’s Never Been Like That – 5.3% Pale Ale (05.06.2020)

So compared to other PI beers this isn’t quite as good, lack of thick mouth feel and using Mosaic and Citra I expected big flavours.

That said – if you take it for what it is, it’s a very good beer. It is juicy and drinkable even without that punchy tropical flavour. Very easy to drink and didn’t last long at all. 74/100

Thornbridge x North Brewing Co. – North Bridge – 7.2% IPA (08.06.2020)

There aren’t too many canned beers that after my first sip, I’m ready for my fifth can! Similar mouth feel to a modern NEIPA but with the Hopped flavour of a WCIPA.

Excellent collab, typical Thornbridge flavours but with the North Brewing, Northern edge. Well balanced, nice bitterness. Great beer. 89/100

To Ol – Implosion – 0.3% Non-Alcoholic Beer (06.06.2020)

Quite complex for an alcohol free beer. Good tropical flavours, crisp and sweet with a hint of bitterness. Peach the dominant flavour for me and I’d absolutely drink this again. 72/100

Track Brewing Co. – Tuya – 3.0% Table Beer (03.06.2020)

Mosaic and Citra Hopped table beer from Manchester based brewery Track. Nice flavour for a 3% beer, juicy, light, refreshing, everything you want in a quality Table Beer. These guys really do excel at all beer styles and Tuya is up there with the best in this style I’ve had; lacks the body of The Kernel’s table but is full on flavour. 80/100

Unbarred Brewery – Mango Pale – 5.6% Pale Ale (04.06.2020)

Really like this actually. Doesn’t feel too artificial which is good. Nice hop mix of Citra, Mosaic and Azacca but the mango pulp adds a smoothness to the beer. Masks the ABV well and could drink this all day. 74/100

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