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Halfway 2 Nowhere Podcast: Episode 2 – Brew York

Episode Two of the Halfway 2 Nowhere Podcast saw Lee from Brew York, a brewery in York join me to chat all things beer and his brewery.

“Brew York was born out of two friends passion (some would say obsession) for beer and brewing. Creating Brew York was the realisation of a long lived dream to build a brewery in the centre of York where the experience and location is as enjoyable as the beer itself.”

In this episode of the podcast, we talk about three of Brew York’s beers Tonkoko, Goose Willis and Fairytale of Brew York, going into detail about the story of the beers and why they’re so important to the brewery.

I then take Lee through his ultimate beer tasting, only allowed to choose one Lager, IPA, Pale, Sour and Porter to drink ever again!

We end the episode how all episodes end, every guest must pick a set of five songs to enter the H2N Podcast Playlist.

Enjoy the episode

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