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REVIEW: Nylon Wire – Egyptian Blue

On April 10th, Brighton based Egyptian Blue will release their sophomore EP “Body of Itch” the long-anticipated follow up to 2019’s “Collateral Damage”. The band have today shared the second track from the EP, “Nylon Wire” which comes after the release of the scuzzy first track, “Never”. Their debut EP gained radio airplay on some of the UK’s best shows, so I was looking forward to hearing this track; the good news for fans of the band is, it doesn’t disappoint.

Band: Egyptian Blue
Track: Nylon Wire
Time: 2:19 minutes
For fans of: Foals, The Strokes,
H2N Rating 66/100

New single ‘Nylon Wire‘ finds Egyptian Blue at their most direct and thrilling; at just 2:19, the track is a big step away from what they’ve done before, much punchier and exciting by far. It’s the second track, following ‘Never‘, to be taken from their second EP Body of Itch, which will be released on April 10th by Yala! Records.

Produced by Theo Verney (FURTRAAMS), ‘Nylon Wire’ was written quickly, following a jam, co-frontman Andy buss noting “Some of our tracks take weeks of configuration, others take minutes”. This falls into the latter. Frantic yet precise riffs accompanied by a lyrical intensity which is quickly becoming the hallmark of their burgeoning sound. 

What I really like about this one compared to Never, is it hits you instantly when you first play it. If you’re into this style of indie-rock, you won’t need a second listen. I was hooked from the first couple of bars of music. It kicks off with a bit of a psychedelic riff before dropping into the, almost Rakes-esque, vocal. It’s actually hard to make too many comparisons really as it comprises so many sounds and genres. The overriding sound though is that of The Strokes, but with a distinctly British riff-twist to it. If The Strokes had grown up in the South of England, maybe this is what their sound would be!

The epic finale to the track, I could genuinely listen to on repeat. It screams early 90s rock whilst being really current, in line with the style of so many bands playing across This Feeling stages across the nation. What is also great, is that whilst I wasn’t a huge fan of “Never”, I didn’t think it was a step forward from their last EP, when listening to the two tracks after one another, you realise how much they complement each other, and will sound class on the EP.

Collectively, Body of Itch offers a lens to focus the frustrations of the modern world into a burning clarion call to resistance and enact change. In some small way, the baton is passed from bands who have influenced their sound (Gang of FourPreoccupationsIceage, early Foals) and whose words they connect with. I can’t wait for the release and we’ll be reviewing the full EP when it lands for sure!

H2N Ranking Score
Originality: 15/20
Lyrics: 12/20
Complexity: 12/20
Catchiness: 13/20
Stadium Filler Rating: 14/20

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