Single Review: Callow Youth – Wake Up

Those Moston monsters with attitude Callow Youth continue to build up their portfolio of bangers with a seriously bright and breezy track Wake Up released this Friday 24 May. Given that those Wallasey lads The Boo Radleys still get airplay (and cash in the pension plan) from lazy radio jocks almost 25 years on for their track, Wake Up Boo, there is perhaps method in Callow Youth’s madness. If their next single is called “Night All” or “It’s Time for Lunch” then I’m definitely on to them.

The track continues the trend of Callow Youth to produce a fuller more polished sound – from the initial Vibe Demos CD which as the title suggest were hard little images of songs, to the first single proper earlier this year (Did It Really Matter?) there has been a solid progress in complexity and accomplishment, but keeping the band’s Manchester roots in view throughout. Wake Up continues the band’s habit of producing solid eminently listenable and accessible indie pop. This time I get something for the sweeping tunes of someone like the Inspiral Carpets and of course that tight clean sound never gets old.

Indeed, for a band who have clocked up just one formal track release I think it has been a long time since I’ve heard anyone quite so airplay ready. This is a track that could be picked up by BBC Radio 1, 2 or 6 immediately and it would not fall out of place. Live, Callow Youth are a different and confident beast with all the energy and excitement you could want in a bunch of teenage guys.

There might be a risk that the band could try to put on a grand stage presence, but live it is all just about presenting the music and making sure everyone in the room has a banging time. The live shows are pure rock and energy as a result.

If hard work was the only requirement then Callow Youth would be already up there with the likes of Catfish, and looking on their facebook posts there are a steady stream of summer gig announcements. Other places in the North where you can catch this hot band include at the new Stalybridge Labour Club on 8 June and in Liverpool Phase 1 on 14 June.

Chris R

Photo credit: Tim Simpson

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