Single Review: Callow Youth – Did It Really Matter?

There is a glut of super talented 18 year olds in indie at the moment; proof enough that guitar music is on the cusp of resurgence; can’t you just feel it bubbling everywhere at the moment? Manchester’s (Moston) Callow Youth are amongst the best of this new emerging generation, and they certainly have the very best descriptive band name (although if a career in music takes off for the lads then it may prove a slightly unlikely choice in 30 years time).

Last year I reviewed the Callow Youth Vibe Demos EP for H2N and spoke about how much promise this band had, and how banging their slightly homespun but complex tunes were. The songs on the EP have now captured towards 25,000 hits on Spotify, and since last summer Callow Youth have been developing their craft with around 20 gigs in venues of varying size, and they have now released their first true single, Did It Really Matter?

Here with Did It Really Matter? Callow Youth (Alfie Turner – Vocals, Guitar, Tom Hilton – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals, Nathan Wrigley – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals, Connor Wilkinson – Drums, Backing Vocals) produce a more honed, and polished sound, with a tight straightforward and accessible tune. I don’t like to compare bands particularly but fans of Catfish & The Bottlemen, The Clause or The Sherlocks will not feel uncomfortable with Callow Youth although there’s twinges of other Manchester influences and a bitingly confident delivery both vocally and within the music. I like a sharp band and, while at risk of sounding like some kind of old letch, the words that come to mind for Callow Youth are tight and pert.

One of my regrets of 2018 was that I didn’t get to see Callow Youth live, and I’m determined to address that this year at some point. I follow enough local bands on twitter to know that Callow Youth’s contemporaries fully respect the band on the stage and that they are developing in leaps and bounds. Coming up for Callow Youth is a gig in that dark cave at Night People in Manchester adding to the super cool line up of Moses and the C33’s on 9th March.    

Chris R    

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