Single Review: Working Men’s Club – Bad Blood

Many young bands take quite tentative steps when releasing their first single, so the jaunty, confident and bouncing sound of Todmorden band Working Men’s Club,and their debut released track Bad Blood is a revelation.

I caught the band playing support to the mighty Goa Express in Todmorden in August and despite a slightly chaotic sound check, they easily set themselves up as ones to watch. It was already clear that Working Men’s Club are hewn from the local solid natural gritstone.     

With Bad Blood, I get a pleasing and unusual mix of some of the early intelligent US New Wave bands such as Television and Talking Headswith that rather funky beat and halting vocal delivery, but there’s also something of the hard riff sound of early Siouxie & The Banshees (Hong Kong Gardens) and the earthy vocal disdain of Mark E Smith.

Overall, that mix of influences offer a class combination and cuts Working Men’s Club as producing something a little bit different with a gritty DIY intelligentsia feel. It is no surprise that the enterprising ears at Radio 6 have quickly picked up the beat and have added the track to their c- playlist. Considering lead singer and guitarist Sydney Minsky-Sargeant is just 17 I call that flying.

I am partial to limited edition red vinyl and have snaffled up a copy of the band’s debut vinyl which pairs Bad Blood with their soon to be released next track Suburban Heights. Working Men’s Club have heaps of potential and I can’t wait to see where their inspiration and drive takes them next. When you spot a copy of this 300 copy limited edition baby on ebay in two years for 100 notes, you will appreciate you should have clicked on this Rough Trade Music link today to order it for a tenner.   

Working Men’s Club have quickly developed a reputation as a crowd pleasing, dependable live stage act, and they are out on the boards this winter. Catch them at one of my favourite venues, Hebden Bridge Trades Club on February 2nd as support to Pip Blom, at Manchester Academy on February 7th supporting the rather wonderful The Liminanas, and supporting Strange Cages on March 29th at Manchester’s Castle and on the 30th at Leeds Hyde Park Book Club. You know what to do to catch this young band while they are still on the ground floor.

Chris R       

One reply on “Single Review: Working Men’s Club – Bad Blood”

Nice review. Please correct the name of the 17 year old in the band. His name is Sydney MINSKY- Sergeant. Typo in your article.


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