This Feeling Big in 2019: BUTE

Of the vast list of artists This Feeling chose to be in their Big in 2019 list, one I hadn’t come across prior to the names being announced, was Welsh indie band BUTE. Hailing from Cardiff, the four piece are a band that seemingly have a range of influences from the heavier side of indie-rock (think Foals/The Strokes) and when I first listened to new single Rest Assured, I honestly couldn’t recall being as excited in some time about an upcoming band. We spoke to to Luke (Lead guitar) and John (Drums) ahead of the release and have reviewed the track in true H2N style.

It’s easy to see within seconds of listening to Rest Assured, why BUTE secured top support slots with the likes of The Blinders and Sheafs in 2018. Rest Assured has an overarching style that both fits the heavy-indie genre like a glove in the same way these bands have, but is so distinct and ambitious that it has set BUTE aside from the rest, very early in their career. The biggest compliment I can pay at this early stage is that BUTE sound like a band that have been making music for years

Their musical structure is well formed and the raucous sounds balance harmoniously to create a strong, quite superb sophomore single. At 3:31 you might expect two solid verses and choruses with a bridge but this track really builds as it goes in unorthodox fashion. The opening guitars crashing into heavy drums before slowing right down into a 90 second escalation to an explosion of noise that is both rousing but well balanced. The song is only ten days old but I’m addicted, it’s a formula that has worked well for the guys and blends all it means to be an indie band with a few quirky notes to give it a BUTE twist.

I imagine the next few singles from these guys will be quite safe; the driving drum track on Rest Assured is a real asset I can see them recycling, whilst the crescendo to the Kasabian-esque drop is a delight they will likely want to use again. For many this would be a criticism but I would be more than happy to listen to two or three versions of this track with new lyrics and a new melody. Being so young though, they may go on to prove me completely wrong and experiment with their honed sound – another idea I would be all for experiencing in 2019.

There is genuine excitement at H2NHQ with this band – unlike many on the list which will be “Big in 2019”, I think 2019 will be a year of discovery for BUTE. They’ll find their real, true sound and they will actually blow up in around another 18 months time when the fan base is built and their tracks perfected. I can see BUTE lasting a long time and look forward to sharing the ride with them!

Tour Dates

Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach – Jan 23 w/ Al Moses, The Pitchforks, The Rotanas, Jack Perrett, Bute  

London Monarch – Jan 23w/ Saint Agnes, Para Alta, Black Doldrums 

London Monarch – Jan 24w/ The Skinner Brothers, Free Money, Sugarthief, The Kicklips, Mummy, The Yada Yada Yada, Carolines 

Manchester Night & Day – Jan 25w/ Red Rum Club, Cleargreen, King Kartel, Social Room, The Seamonsters

How does it feel to be named one of This Feeling’s Big in 2019?
Luke: Feel very privileged.
Jon: Honoured to be included on such a strong list of bands.

What’s your relationship been like so far with This Feeling?
Jon: Amazing, most of what we did last year would not have been possible without their support

If you had to say one, what was the band highlight of 2018?
Luke: UK/ Paris Tour
Jon: Specifically Glasgow and our weekend in Scotland to end the tour

You had some great airplay on the last single, you must feel like something big is about to happen for BUTE?

Luke: We take each day and opportunity as it comes we love what we do and are always eager to progress the band further. Hopefully 2019 will be bigger again. 

Your new single Rest Assured is out very soon – what’s the track about?
Luke: Urmmm… I guess the actual song is about frustration? Being stuck in the same place or situation and being frustrated by it. The song for me is good for letting your frustrations out it’s loud, pumpy and funky. 

How excited are you to get this one out? 
Jon: Buzzing, it’s been a long time coming. Our first single was recorded such a long time ago and I feel that we’ve changed a lot as a band since then.

And what are your plans for the rest of the year, can we expect new music and touring?
Luke: Definitely new music we have lots planned to release throughout 2019. Same with a tour we have been discussing this for a few months and hope to have some announcements soon.
Jon: More music than we put out last year, that’s for sure

There seems to be a lot of new artists coming out of Wales currently, why do you think this resurgence is happening now?
Luke: I feel there is a lot more support for up and coming artists throughout Wales these days. This feeling has played a big part in this.

Who/what made you want to get into making music?
Luke: To speak for myself it’s something I have always wanted to do and never thought of doing anything different.
Jon: Society man. Nah, to be honest it’s the only thing I’m quite good at

Where did you all meet and what does the name BUTE signify?
Jon: The name BUTE is a tribute to Cardiff, the City we all met and grew up in. The Bute family has strong ties to Cardiff, and had a large role to play in the development of the City through building the docks and refurbishing the Castle. The word Bute actually originates from the Isle of Bute in Scotland. Sam our Bassist was born in Glasgow, so there’s also a Scottish connection there.

By January 2020, what would you like to have achieved?
Luke: Festivals. Music video. 14 date+ tour.
Jon: To have conquered the Cardiff music scene and have our sights set beyond…

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