This Feeling Big in 2019: The Seamonsters

What a year 2018 was for Sheffield’s indie-pop group The Seamonsters. With festival appearances nationwide including coveted spots at Y Not, Sound City and their hometown festival Tramlines, the six-piece really made a name for themselves on the circuit last year. Whilst there were no new releases to add to 2017’s Max and ArchieWonderland and Lost, the girls got themselves out and about, building their fan base for their January 2019 release, Blue Movie Baby. We caught up with The Seamonsters ahead of the release discussing plans for the year, the new track and of course, being named as one of This Feeling’s Big in 2019.

How does it feel to be named one of This Feeling’s Big in 2019?  Amazing! We’re super excited to be working more with This Feeling in 2019, they’re doing some really exciting things! We feel very lucky to be surrounded by so many incredible people who want to help us and we’re very much looking forward to this year!

What’s your relationship been like so far with This Feeling?
It’s incredible! Everyone there is so supportive and it’s amazing to be part of such a wonderful community, they put so much hard work into everything they do, we’re so happy to be a part of it all. The other This Feeling band are just so talented and we’ve become really close with a lot of them, especially Red Rum Club and Lacuna Bloome.

What are your plans for the year, can we expect new music and lots of live shows? 
Indeed you can! We’ve got our next single Blue Movie Baby out on the 18th of January, which will be our first release in over a year. We’ve really spent the past year just honing in on our sound and writing and we can’t wait to share what we’ve been up to with everyone. We have plans for lots of releases over the year, which is exciting because it’s stuff we’ve been playing live for a while now, so it’ll be good to finally get it into the world! We really want to try and play some new cities as well. We played so many new places in 2018 and it’s the best feeling. Brighton and Newcastle are high up on our list!

How has it been growing up in Sheffield trying to be an artist. Do you have many local influences? 
Sheffield is a very exciting place to be an artist. You’re surrounded by a ton of wonderful, talented people and there is always something going on and something you can be a part of, even when you’re just starting out. There’s a huge community that has really helped us as we’ve grown up here being a part of it and we have very close friends in the Sheffield music scene that we continue to grow alongside. We are definitely heavily inspired by Sheffield music. We started out as 13 year olds playing Arctic Monkeys covers, and once we started writing our own songs our sound evolved with heavy influence from Pulp as well as Reverend and the Makers and The Crookes being some of our favourites.

You’ve described yourself as Indie Glitter, what exactly does that mean??
I think ‘Indie Glitter’ is a term we used to describe our sound around the time of our first release ‘Lost (And Found)’. We thought it best described the light, summery songs we were writing at the time, and especially the synth sounds in our music. We were also constantly wearing glitter on our faces. I’m not sure we’d really use that label anymore. Our music definitely still has that summery tone to it, and synth is a very prominent component in all our songs, but I’d definitely describe the music we’re writing and playing at the minute as moodier and, not necessarily darker, but, we may have outgrown that term.

There aren’t too many six piece girl bands out there, do you feel this helps you when finding shows or is there still an overall female stigma out there? 

It certainly more of a blessing than a curse, even though its not always been that way for us. It certainly makes us stand out from the crowd, there aren’t many all girl bands around, nor six pieces so it’s a rare combination! The stigma around female musicians is still there, but we’re at a point where we just drown it out. One of our favourite things is proving people wrong when they think female musicians can’t play!

And how did you all meet?

Most of us are childhood friends, who got closer through a dance and drama group we used to attend. Holly just kind of turned up to our first band practice with Tassie, the rest of us had barely met her before but she said she could play guitar so she joined the band. Ella is our most recent member who met Ciara at The Leadmill in Sheffield at a Swim Deep gig and was asked to learn all our songs in about 3 days after previous keyboard player left right before an important gig.

What was it that made you want to play music in a band? 

We were all playing our instruments for a long time before we formed the band. Only Lauren learnt bass for the band and she’d been playing guitar for years before that. We’ve also (most of us) been childhood friends since we were toddlers so being a close group of friends, that also all played instruments and loved music, it only made sense for us to try out a band. All the boys in our year at school were forming Arctic Monkeys cover bands, so we did too! And after a lot of hard work we’re still managing to do what we’ve always loved doing, and we’re doing it together. Which I think is the best part about being in a band.

And being a six piece must come with its own challenges. Do you all listen to the same music or channel different influences in your sound? 

Being a six piece is challenging in many ways, but this is certainly not one of them! The huge range of music that we listen to between us is what makes our songs so diverse and interesting, which makes us want to play them! We have a lot of bands and artists that we all listen to, mostly local bands and bigger artists, but we have hugely unique tastes in music, which come across in each of us as individual musicians and makes writing songs a very interesting process for us, with (hopefully) unique and exciting outcomes. 

Thinking back to last year, what were your highlights in 2018? 

Soooo many! We achieved so many goals and dreams of ours in 2018. Some highlights are selling out the hometown date of our first ever tour, playing the isle of wight festival and playing the second stage at tramlines festival. We’ve also made so many amazing contacts in 2018, important people in the industry and some super supportive This Feeling bands. We were also one of the winners of pirate studios competition along with Red Rum Club, YVES and Alex Ohm which was such a big achievement for us!

Whose the best artist you’ve toured with so far and who would your dream touring artist be? 

We’ve been so fortunate to have played with so many incredible bands and artists, Kate Nash, The Undertones, Bill Ryder-Jones and The Orielles just to name a few! Our (very unrealistic) dream would always be Pulp, they’re such a huge influence for us. We’d love to play with Dream Wife too, it’d be an honour to share the stage with such badass gals!

By January 2020, what would you like to have achieved? 

It seems so far away, we had no idea that we’d be in the position we are this time last year so who knows where we’ll be in 12 months time. We just want to share our music to as many people as possible, a really cool support tour would be class! But at the end of the day, we just wanna keep writing and playing the music we love – even if no-one is listening!

We are so excited for the year ahead for The Seamonsters and will follow this interview with our huge review of their new single Blue Movie Baby this week! Tune in for that and go give the girls a follow now.


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