Feature: Kilnsey Green

Yorkshire is a region thriving right now when it comes to new music and fresh artists experimenting with styles and genres. Leeds is a hotbed for bands and solo artists, York is producing some fine young talent, and an emerging area of West Yorkshire, is without doubt Bradford and Bingley, which just so happens to be the home of our featured artist for January, Kilnsey Green.

Back in September 2018 we spoke to the guys at Bingley Music Live, their hometown festival where they debuted their folk rock sound to the festival scene. Whilst on site, we spoke to the band in one of our funnest interviews to date, and it’s finally time for the world to see some of the great content we captured on the sunny day in Bingley.

2018 was a big year prior to their festival debut with the release of the video for debut single Anxious, the release of sophomore single No Shoes, No News and the guys triumphing at Keighley Exchange’s competition to win a coveted place on the Discovery Stage at Bingley Festival. Following on from a successful set, the band have since recruited a new bass player and are looking to kick off 2019 right and take stages nationwide by storm.

Reflecting on their first ever festival experience, Oliver James (Lead Vocals) said “it was just incredible. We knew going out on stage we had loads of support from family and friends which made it easier but we just had a good mindset going into the set. Bingley is a place you can really bring people in to your set – it’s great really in the last few years Jake Bugg, Nick Mulvey, few others started on this stage and have found themselves playing the main stage so that’s where we want to be next.”

At the time of the interview I asked where the guys saw themselves being in a year’s time, “We want to release an EP”, Ell Miller (Lead Guitar) suggested. We’re working on it now at Luke’s studio and we just want to get that out as soon as possible and see where that takes us. We’d love to do a mini UK tour but we aren’t going to rush this one, we want to get it righ.” Oliver said, “If we were going to paly it next year, if we have an EP out people have something to listen to when they search for us and then hopefully it kicks off.”

During the interview the guys alluded to the arrival of a new bassist which has since happened in the form of Joe Doherty. “We know we need a bassist and we’ve tracked some on the EP so for us that’s the next logical step” said Ell back in September. When asked about the EP itself and how they’d describe their music, they all came up with a different word. Ell – “Dynamic”, Oliver – “Soulful” and George Burrows (drums) “Fresh”. He continued by saying “w’ere not trying to fit into a genre really, we, and I know it sounds cliched, but we play because we literally really, really enjoy it. Even here or when we do a gig, it’s just an opportunity for us to show what we do in the rehearsal room, to others and we love it.”

Being a band of a slightly different style to the mainstream, I thought it important to touch on whether this choice has affected them in getting gigs and growing. Ell though suggested differently; “Already for us it’s kinda been the opposite actually. We’ve got on bills that we wouldn’t have got on if we played differently so we’ve actually ended up playing more than we would have.”

Oliver added “it hasn’t disadvantaged us. People, I think, are wanting something a bit different so they respond well to us. It makes it good too that we haven’t had problems as we can just keep playing what we love.”.

As a band they’d been together around a year as a two piece and about four months as a three prior to the interview. Drummer George fondly remembered his time at the start. “I remember joining and was thrust straight into the competition in Keighley so it was a bit intense. Ell was like, here’s the set, can you learn it? And when you showed me the songs I was just like straight away, love it, love the sound and knew it was right. When I joined I noticed you guys bounced off each other so well. I knew I was going to love this and when I got the songs down in rehearsals, we just started smiling looking at each other saying this is going to work.”

I often close all of my interviews with emerging bands with two questions “What would be top of your music bucket list?” and “If you could change one thing about the music industry what would it be and why?” Oliver had a really poignant response to the latter.

“To take the power away from the major record labels. If we can put the power in the artists’ hands then it’ll be a better place. It’s that monopoly of the industry, I’d like to break it. Different labels for different genres would be good but luckily though the rise of social media and Spotify, the power is coming back to the artists a bit. There needs to be more like; mainstream has gone a little stale, the mainstream isn’t as exciting as 30/40 years ago, we need more people to break the boundaries again. It’s like the England squad, they won the U19’s World Cup a few years ago, it’s like us playing Discvoery Stage this weekend will come through and challenge for the main stages in five years or so time.”

George added, “I’d even out the demographics – there’s a lot of power in being mainstream. I wouldn’t say we’re mainstream at all but we feel our music when we play it and the people who watch islove it and that tells us we’re doing something right. Obviously with the domination there though, our way perhaps isn’t the best tactic for a fast rise, but if we make people happy and involved with it, that’s where we grow from and it’s exciting.”

As the interview drew to a close the guys spoke about their bucket list plans for their music careers. Oliver said “I don’t really have a single landmark but it’s just doing this, playing music full time. This is already incredible what we’re doing now. With respect to one though if I had to choose, just tour the world. If I could have a crowd of people just sing my music back to me, that’d would be amazing.”

George added, “Obviously these are our goals, our main goals, but we are completely satisfied doing what we’re doing regardless. We don’t want to go anywhere too fast. If you rely on getting big fast, you rush your music and we’re not about that at all. We just feel so involved in our music right now. We can talk to people like this and make ace connections. I just want us to impact the world in a positive way.”

A great way to end the interview, we simply cannot wait to hear Kinsley Green’s upcoming EP and see them kill some headline dates later in the year. Find them at the below links and let us know what you think when you next see them!



Twitter: @KilnseyGreen

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