Single Review Sounds like a Storm – Law and Order

2018 was, to put it simply, an incredible year for Leeds band Sounds like a Storm. With a slot on the NME stage at Reading and Leeds Festivals a major highlight for Sennen Ludman and co, the Yorkshire four piece are fast becoming the band to watch from the big city.

Their latest single Law and Order builds on 2017 releases Blind and Deaf and Emission and signals what potential SLAS have as a recording artist. The first two singles produced by the band put them on the touring map, and have secured them their first festival slots, but knowing the guys well, Law and Order feels like the track that symbolises who the band really are.

When watching SLAS live, frontman Ludman is captivating. Even on the huge R&L stage he had the audience fully in the palm of his hand, so it’s no surprise that the new single kicks off with Ludman controlling the listener with a strong, tough vocal. So many influences can be heard right from the off including The Blinders who they’ve played with in Leeds – but the sound is wholly unique. From the spoken vocal right through the the driving guitar riffs, Law and Order is the absolute brainchild of Ludman and the band, certainly not notably similar to any other music out there right now.

What SLAS have done though, despite the enthralling verse, is create, as always, an incredibly catchy, mosh pit worthy chorus that is perfect for the festival stages. It’s both riotous, but listenable and I have no doubt that as the band become well known, they’ll appeal to a range of audiences and genre preferences. At 2:51 mins, this is a VANT-esque track, politically fuelled but musically executed and I am quite impressed despite Sennen saying he still thinks that their last release was better.

Law and Order is the SLAS track I believe will drive their 2019. This is the sound and genre they belong in and because of Ludman’s writing and creative ability, I do see them hitting the big stages this summer and standing out from the crowd.

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