Single Review: Freeda – Go Home

The guitar has formed an integral part of sound in popular music for decades and the importance of the instrument within the mix of a band’s particular sound always fascinates. Manchester (Mossley) five piece Freeda (Sean Rowles – Lead Vocals, Callum Hignett – Lead Guitar, Cameron Meekums-Spence (a man bringing the double barrel into rock) – Rhythm Guitar, Adam Barton – Bass Guitar and Adam Jackson – Drums) reference axe god Hendrix as an influence so you will always know the guitar is going to be huge in their sound. Nowhere is this truer than for Freeda’s earlier 2018 release Plug It In where the guitar is gunned all over this beautifully soaring track.

For the Freeda latest release Go Home the guitars are confidently swirling and with lead, rhythm and bass there’s a strong pulsing presence but this song is also about the beat and the soaring chorus. The lyrics are about a relationship break up where things have really rather fizzled out, the connection has gone and they are going through the motions; hands up for that one everybody.

Fittingly for the rather tense and exasperated setting of the song, Freeda’s Go Home has a tight coiled edgy feel where it seems the vocals are reluctant to spit out the break-up story. Just as when an awkward truth is shared there’s a joyous release when the chorus explodes; ha, just how well will this song go down live. The guys in Freeda also reference modern mod Miles Kane and Catfish and the Bottlemen as influences and there’s definitely a nod to the tight, clean and strong professionalism of both of these artists in the song.

On this showing Freeda have studied their craft hard and a live show from these fellers will be full on. Catch the Freeda guys live at Manchester Gorilla on Saturday 8th September with Dandelion Rose and Narrow Margin also on the bill.

To get another feel for how strong these guys are on guitar, check out their super chilled smooth version of Childish Gambino’s Redbone.

Chris R

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