Single Review: Able’s Army, Private Eye

The first time I saw Able’s Army back in 2016, I described them as “Britpop Beatles”. Since then they have gone to prove me wrong by being a great indie-rock band with the releases of Crawl and Astronaut. This month though, the Huddersfield based band released their new single Private Eye which is 100% on the money, “Britpop Beatles” and is nothing short of a fabulous track.

One of the favourites on the band’s live set, Private Eye brings a different sound to the Able’s Army repertoire and sees them slow things right down. With James taking the vocals on this one there is a psychedelic lulling tone throughout which is perfect for Sunday afternoon listening. At 5:13mins it is a long track for an emerging band and it’s this ambition that makes AA stand out for me.

The track has everything required in a low-tempo rock n’ roll track. The repetitive chorus which you can’t help but sing every time it breaks out; the lovely solo which really does emphasise the talents of the trio across guitar, bass and drums; and subtle riffs which tempt you to close your eyes and just listen to the excellent music. Whilst not fans ourselves, it’s a track that has echoes of what Arctic Monkeys have tried to do but haven’t executed as well on their latest record.

It’s great to see the band, who traditionally are high energy, taking a step back and releasing a laid-back, listenable tune which will form a strong sing-a-long part of their set lists this Autumn and Winter. Private Eye is a strong foot in a new direction for the band and we encourage you to listen at every opportunity.

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