The Maitlands // Kisses For The Masses

A new song that has snuck under the covers into my consciousness comes from Manchester based The Maitlands. The June released track Kisses For The Masses has confidence in spade; it’s not a long track but nevertheless the riffs and the tune appear to meander gently along before the band suddenly reveal its dark killer purpose. This is a track that although heavy on guitar ultimately reminds me of the brooding chopping threat of Joy Division or Editors. While there is a nod to the Manchester musical heritage the band clearly are not awed by the past, and The Maitlands have their own message to share.

The Maitlands are Carl L. Ingram Vocals, Francis Moran Guitar, Ste Ackley Guitar, Matt Byrne Bass and Saul Gerrard on Drums. The vocals of Carl L Ingram croon and envelope on this track and the strong sweeping musical backing fits it perfectly.  The band have released 3 diverse tracks so far this year, which follows last year’s debut 5 track EP Salford Democracy; already this band have pulled together the beginnings of a strong set of songs that will not disappoint live. A theme of slow deliberation runs through the songs; it’s rather like a lazy rope dance that unnoticed slowly becomes a noose.


Catch The Maitlands live for yourself at Manchester Jimmies on August 10th where they are support to Chasing Tides, Salford’s Eagle Inn on September 15th (where the excellent Callow Youth will also be playing), and at Ashton’s The Witchwood where our boys are support to punk original veterans Peter and the Test Tube Babies on October 7th.

Chris R

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