Joe Goodwin and the Lost Souls // The Hiss EP

There’s always some room in my heart for music that feels like a theatrical performance, and local Leeds guys Joe Goodwin and the Lost Souls fit the bill with their recently released debut EP, The Hiss. Here Joe Goodwin and the Lost Souls offer the soundtrack to an early hours wander home through deserted city streets in the morning twilight.

Opener I Have You made me sit up straight as it has something of the dramatics of peak Marc Almond covering a Scott Walker track, complete with a glossy and brassy Bacharach style backing tune. There’s also the drama of timing that Nick Cave or Bowie places onto their vocal delivery. This is my personal favourite track on the EP by some distance.

Title track The Hiss ends the EP, and here I get something of the white soul of Kevin Rowland and Dexy’s Midnight Runners in quiet reflective mood. There are definite shades of The Last Shadow Puppets with this track but that white soul feel remains. Medusa has an edgy and anxious sound to it where the violin gets a prominent role, and again I get something of the slightly late night sounding drawl of Kevin Rowland or even Alexandra Saviour in the distinctive vocal delivery of Joe Goodwin.

Evil Twin is another edgy and panic ridden theatrical track with a chilling tale to share while Stop The World continues the dramatic side to the band and this time I get something of a Patti Smith vibe.

If you hanker after music which cuts away from standard student fare, has soul in spades with an intelligent and dramatic feel, then a spin of this Joe Goodwin and The Lost Souls EP (bandcamp link) may well make you a contented bunny indeed.

Chris R

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