Single Review: Cabezudos, Calling Your Name

For the first time in several decades, the Liverpool music scene has a few bands it can be proud of. With Circa Waves and The Wombats on top of their game and upcoming bands such as The Jackobins and Rival Bones doing bits for the city, it’s easy to see why lots of people are excited about the North-Wests “second city”. One band who are vying to be the biggest, loudest in the scene though, is Cabezudos, who after a long wait, are back with their new single Calling Your Name. 

The Livepool five-piece have been away for some time now, gigging across the country and working on how they’re going to take their sound forward. Often criticised for writing music that maybe belonged in the industry 30 years ago – Cabezudos have dragged their 70s inspired sound right into the 20th Century with their new single. Calling Your Name challenges everything the industry is saying is popular right now and is a huge success.

Vocalist Jack Hughes drives the song with his punchy vocal; without doubt the standout element of every Cabezudos track, Hughes has an infectious vocal that is stretched right to its limits on this new track. The composed vocal though, is balanced perfectly with the jazz bass riff and the impeccable trumpet sections which have been added to the track seamlessly. Being a five-piece now in the studio, the band have added depth to their sound since releasing Tempting Fate last year; the two guitars bounce off each other well and some of the percussion pieces are outstanding.

For me, there isn’t a band making music like Cabezudos right now in the grassroots scene and whilst I don’t think they’re anywhere near their potential with Calling Your Name, Hughes and co prove they have a nice stylistically, giving them a killer edge over other artists. Where many will still be critical of the band, suggesting their sound is dated and not “indie enough” to be successful right now, I actually feel this step away from the norm could drive them to huge success, being so different to everything else out there.

This is just the beginning for Cabezudos and their live sets are sure to be as explosive as ever in 2018 so keep a big eye out for them whenever they’re in a town near you.


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