Meet The North Festival: Live Review, Newcastle

Following the incredible opening party at the O2 Academy on Friday 4th May, Meet the North festival took over Newcastle on Saturday. Showcasing the best in new talent, Hit The North’s little sister festival was a fantastic spectacle and we certainly feel like we caught some of the acts of tomorrow at the event.

Kicking things off early was Cape Cub (HHH); an artist who prides himself on his vocals was superb at demonstrating the power he has lyrically. Having seen Chad earlier on in the year, it was clear that the live show of Cape Cub is growing and becoming more mature with every passing show; a superb booking and definitely a talent to keep an eye on.

We then headed to see two artists I’d not come across before; Dressed Like Wolves (HHH) performed a great set reminding me of a mellow Black Foxxes. A great crowd for so early in the day I’ll be keeping an eye on him in the future. Shredd (HH) didn’t quite hit the mark for me given the headache from the Circa Waves gig the night before but there were moments of pure class that when harnessed should provide a solid foundation for a good band.


From there, the day just got better and better. All the way from Manchester Corella (HHHH) were as good as we’ve ever seen them. Performing a range of released singles, it was great to see such a great crowd for their first time in Newcastle. Their bouncy summer tunes were perfect for the blazing weather outside, and as always I left in an incredibly good mood. Every show these lads improve their live sound and they’re probably a single or an EP away from exploding.

Over to the Riverside and to the two best sets of the day. Irish band The Academic (HHHH) brought their debut album to Meet the North and played it to perfection. The four-piece already seem confident in their indie-rock sound and they will have certainly gained a few fans with their set in Newcastle. Their debut record hit Number 1 in the Irish charts and it’s surely only a matter of time before they break England if that live set was anything to go by. Their set was only bettered on the day by the, quite phenomenal, Glasvegas (HHHHH) who were the special guests on the day. Performing hits from their back catalogue, they drew the biggest crowd of the day and sounded every bit as good as they did 10 years ago when they released their critically acclaimed self-titled debut.


We ended the night on a much heavier act, Blackwaters (HHH) whose distinct sound was refreshing considering the amount of indie consumed on the day. Bringing back punk with a Libertines-esque twang, Blackwaters do what bands like Cabbage are trying to do but with style and power. A great set that was only hindered on a personal note by not knowing any of their tracks – a bright future is ahead for these guys for sure!


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