Towers and Trees // Head Down Heart Up

I always get excited for spring, and not just for the prospect of fresh leaf hiking, self grown salad and lazy days baking my bones in the sun. First we are moving into music festival season and second we are getting into the season of the banging tune. A song that made me realise that it’s time to shake off the frost and dried leaves out of my hair is Head Down Heart Up from Canadian band Towers and Trees.

The song starts with a nice chirpy tune and a good punchy new wave/pop/indie vocal delivery. Think of the vibe of happy George Ezra. It’s one of those songs that nags at your smile muscles until you find it far too hard to be grumpy; although it has to be said if you are really determined to wallow in depression it’s a song that could seriously rub you up the wrong way. Head Down Heart Up urges you not to take your current troubles too seriously and to roll with the punches.

As the band say: “Sometimes you have to let go to realise what you really have”, and the song highlights that in a busy world the instinct in your heart can be drowned out by all those insistent banging things going on in your head. “I think a lot of people identify with this anxiety and ‘analysis paralysis’ from our minds working overtime to try and take everything in and make sense of it all. Despite this, almost all of the things that truly matter – family, community, helping others, self-love – these are products of the heart that can be easily drowned out by the excess noise”.

Towers and Trees themselves have been in hibernation for over 12 months while band members were getting serious with those life things; having babies, house moves and career pressures and this song certainly has a re-birth feel to it with a refocus clearly back to the basics. Head Down Heart Up is one of those tunes that could sell a bucketful if the band were treated like a brand by a multi-national, but given the subject matter it feels rather better to be low key and under the radar; just don’t tell their bank manager.

Catch a rather groovy video of the band in front of some 1980’s vintage gaming images and the lyrics at :

Chris R

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