A short take on Newton Faulkner’s 2017 Leeds show with Nathan O’Grady

Last year Newton Faulkner completed one of his biggest UK tours to date. Local York artist Nathan O’Grady went to see the show on behalf of Halfway 2 Nowhere and as you can tell, thoroughly enjoyed it. Here’s a short take on the show from one artist, reviewing another!

“Newton’s set was one that had me both inspired and feeling at home in minutes. With his charming character, gentle and humorous personality and story telling, he had the audience in the palm of his hand throughout the evening. The best example of this would be only a a few songs into his set when he performed ‘Smoked Ice Cream’, the opening track to his new album ‘Hit the Ground Running’. He split the packed out Leeds Met University Students Union crowd into three groups. He gave each a different vocal part to sing back to him and just like the whole room was full of voices as Newton played away, it was magical.

Though he was performing solo he had a vast array of pedals and tech that he used seemingly effortless to recreate every sound that you can hear on his tracks. One instrument he played that he said he had never had on stage with him before was a piano. He told many stories throughout the night about his songs, from how he wrote them to who or what he wrote them about. One song in particular which he played on the piano was a song he wrote for his son. This was my favourite story of the night that he told. Comically in which when he had performed the song to his son at home, his son had said he didn’t want him to play it because it was soppy. The audience all found this very funny and it helped us to picture the context behind the song more vividly.

Everyone certainly headed home that night having thoroughly enjoyed a night of incredible live music performed by one of the most genuine folk in the industry today. I’m sure I can speak for everyone else that attended as well as myself in saying we’ll have his new album on repeat until he brings out his next one when we’ll probably swap and put that one on repeat. He just gets better and better.”

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