LELO offers a breath of fresh air on new single “Breathing”

Leeds is, by all accounts, a fairly stagnant area when it comes to the music scene. Bar a few stand out artists such as Northern Comfort or Sounds Like a Storm, much of the music that’s coming out of the city is very similar and ordinary. Halfway 2 Nowhere has recently been looking further afield to find inspiration within the music industry, but one artist who has brought our attention back to West Yorkshire is LELO who released his new single “Breathing” this week.

Back in July of 2017, we described LELO’s EP as a “well-crafted and hauntingly atmospheric debut” and luckily, he’s improved on his debut release and shown true ambition in this new track. Now, I will be the first to admit, guitar music is what excites me, huge riffs, strong vocals and a dancing melody is what I get a kick out of, so there would be a great expectation that “Breathing” wouldn’t be my kind of song. Given the psychedelic guitar notes and largely synth driven backing, the track isn’t one I’d search for and play by choice.

That being said, the craftsmanship, the creativity and above all, the execution to produce a track of this quality, has to be commended. Breathing is an intricate example of how the ever popular, “dream-pop” genre can actually be quite good. The track is beautifully layered and the way in which the song has been constructed is quite stunning. It’s calm and atmospheric, offering a release from everything else we hear on radio and on our Spotify playlists every day.

As suggested by LELO, the track identifies and acknowledges the struggles so many people face; understanding oneself, and making sense of the world around us. BREATHING makes reference to the relief we experience once we realise what it is in fact that we could, should, or want to be doing with our limited, somewhat pointless time we have here.

I’m totally hooked, and on board with the direction Ronan (LELO) is taking with his music. The limited drum and guitar tracking provides something rarely found in the emerging industry right now, something different. The vocals have me drawn right in to the track and for the first time in a long time, I get completely lost in the sounds of the music which is something to behold.

Check out the track right here!

Breathing’ is available on all online stores

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