The Petty Thieves // Riddles of Madness

Whenever a band emails us and describes themselves as dirty reggae/ska, it perks our ears. Granted, it’s only happened once, but nevertheless, when The Petty Thieves came onto our radar it was near impossible to ignore their music. Recent release Riddles of Madness is the latest offering from the Medway six-piece and it’s by far the funkiest, grooviest piece of music I’ve heard in some time.

The one thing any fan of the ska genre, whether it be pure ska, ska-punk or Zebrahead (whatever the hell those crazy guys are), would say is..”there aren’t enough good ska bands out there anymore”. Leading the way to bring back the genre are without doubt The Petty Thieves.

At 5:10 minutes, Riddles of Madness is an epic blend of reggae, ska, pop, rock and all things good. The track is said to be about all the crazy women vocalist Sam Macklin has dated, targeting the complexities of both relationships and women. As the track builds, so does the aggression in Macklin’s voice (perhaps a reflection of past relationships!). Throughout the track, the music is so composed and whilst ska music celebrates imperfections and spontaneity in music, The Petty Thieves are ridiculously tight already which gives them a great foundation for moving forward.

Track highlight is the under vocals that run throughout adding power and a layer to the song that makes it really what it is. Riddles of Madness is a beautiful example of how ska can mix with other musical styles to produce a complex but controlled piece of music that has honestly been on repeat since first hearing it.

The band have gigs booked as well as festivals this summer and those wanting to hear more will be glad to hear their album is released this May! We’re very excited and you should be too. Here’s Riddles of Madness.