The Honeymoon Suite – Poser

Whilst the North and South are thriving and pulsating with new bands and new music, it is rare that a band from the Midlands makes it on to our radar, one that has however is The Honeymoon Suite. The Derby based four-piece released their brand new single “Poser” this January and we simply couldn’t ignore it.

Inspired by bands such as The Shimmer Band and Jaws, there are a range of influences portrayed by the new single. There are elements of indie-pop whilst the song becomes much more grunge-indie by the end making for a mixed, erratic but eclectic track.

Unlike previous release Taste-less, which is a little more two dimensional, Poser is a well established, well thought out song that reminds me of early Wombats combined with American rockers Carseat Headrest. The dreamy guitar riffs and “oo’s” throughout the track draw it into the belting chorus, made for the big stages.

At 3:39 minutes, it’s a longer track than most upcoming artists go for showing they’re not afraid to showcase their abilities rather than just go for quick wins which I admire. The chorus is catchy, infectious and perfect for a band on the rise. It’s not overly complex but musically, the track is beautifully crafted to give fans of all genres something to enjoy.

Great second effort from the Derby band who we predict we’ll be seeing a lot more of in 2018!

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