Review: Ceasefire – JUDAS

Judas have had a storming summer, culminating in a Reading and Leeds main stage slot, and now they’ve topped it off by releasing in my opinion their best single to date.

‘Ceasefire’ opens with lo-fi drums and guitar, and the anticipation builds right from the start for what you can tell is gonna be a huge track. The vocals and bass then come in (with personally one of my favourite bass tones I’ve ever heard), and the verse grows to have a driving, dance-y feel before the chorus kicks in.

The chorus itself is infectious, and is sure to have gig and festival crowds bouncing and singing back the pop-tinged melody.

There’s a beautiful moment in the second verse where everything drops down leaving only piano, percussion and vocals. It’s a nice break from the driving power of the track, and gives even more oomph to where the chorus comes back in.

After the second chorus we’re treated to a percussive middle eight section that’ll go down well live, and this leads on to a powerful halftime chorus before launching back into the bouncy full time chorus to bring it all home.

Ceasefire is not a particularly complex song but that works in its favour, and Judas have once again produced a near-perfect indie rock song which will undoubtedly be both a radio and live favourite.

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