Harrison Rimmer – I Am On Fire

Apart from being one of the nicest guys in the music industry right now, Harrison Rimmer is an exceptionally talented musician and one that works harder than most. Every time I see Harrison he’s either just played a show and about to play another, or on his way to a city 100 miles away to then travel back for shows the next. Amazingly though, in between all of the touring hours, Harrison has managed to record his latest single I Am On Fire, due out on 04/08/2017.

For those that have seen Harrison live, the beginning of the track may come as a surprise. When playing live he loves a good thrashing on the acoustic and generally goes for power over purity. I Am On Fire shows a different side to his performance and starts very mellow with the accompanying video seeing Harrison contemplating his life on a beach.

The chorus, I am on fire, with a monster in my head, shows that through all the smiles and happiness that Harrison shows, as with many musicians, there is always something there stopping you that you have to “burn” to be who you want to be. The track is well crafted and although simplistic, has enough about it to be both a stand alone track whilst then not becoming unnoticeable when Harrison plays acoustic shows.

I am genuinely excited for what the future might hold following the release of this track. It deserves to succeed and signals a sound that might just work for Harrison moving forward. If he isn’t coming to a city near you soon, well, I don’t believe you. Get out of your house, turn right and he’ll probably be there. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


One reply on “Harrison Rimmer – I Am On Fire”

This is the same song my son has been playing for past 12 months the chord progression is exactly the same and the melody is similar
I have recording of it my phone


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