Ormstons, The Hyde and Tunnels

For those that aren’t aware, ‘Ones To Watch’ is a competition run by Futuresound Events in Leeds, with prizes ranging from slots at next year’s Live at Leeds Festival to Reading and Leeds. H2N made it down to heat number 5 at the Wardrobe on Sunday 9th July, to see three of the competition’s younger contenders; The Hyde, Ormstons, and Tunnels.

First up were The Hyde. These three Wakefield boys have been making a lot of noise around Leeds, with their debut Leeds headline show at Hifi Club going down an absolute storm, and a show at Brudenell Social Club with The Indigo Project lined up for September. They fired out half an hour of well-crafted indie tunes, with slick basslines and tight grooves really complementing frontman Charley Beck’s voice. There were clearly a lot of fans in the audience, as shown by the crowd singing back the words to first single ‘Your Heart’, and going crazy for newest single and set closer ‘Why?’.

Ormstons are one of the many female fronted bands emerging at the moment, and certainly a strong one. Lead singer Jess Huxham commanded the stage with her strong voice and bold attitude, and really embodied the energy of the whole band, who were clearly enjoying themselves throughout the whole set. One thing they do really well is hooks – its easy to end up singing along to a song of theirs you’ve never heard before, especially the likes of ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Secrets’.


Ormstons – Credit: Jim Mumby

Last on the bill for the night were Tunnels, another up and coming female-fronted band. The Guiseley five-piece were tight and clearly well-rehearsed, storming through their set of indie-rock songs. What was particularly impressive was the response from the crowd; the band had clearly brought a small (but loud) army with them, who knew almost every word despite not a single track having been released yet. Frontwoman Becca Clarke had a huge amount of energy to match her powerful voice, dancing around the stage throughout their entire set.


Tunnels – Credit: Jim Mumby

All three bands played brilliantly on the night, and the lineup complemented each other well – they no doubt stole some of each other’s fans. I highly recommend you try and catch any of these bands where you can, and also that you try catch any of the other ‘Ones To Watch’ heats, which are brimming with talent.



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