The Elephant Trees – Monster

Where do I even begin with this new Elephant Trees single. As you might recall we fell in love with this band earlier on in the year when they released “90 Degrees” and gave a rousing show at the Wardrobe in Leeds. There was something immediately special about the band and I have a lot of time for every member of this uber-talented band.

Monster, the new single, is another ambitious effort with lead singer Martha Phillips continually trying to fit more words into a single breath that is humanly possible. The few times I’ve seen the band, she never fails to impress me with her vocal power and versatility. In Monster, she goes from ballad esque vocals to rapping to powerful indie rock choruses. It’s a stunning 3:09 of vocally dominated music that turns so many different corners, at times you just have to close your eyes and appreciate the quality.

“Am I a monster or a child” rings out before the band rip into the infectious, huge middle eight that leads into one of the biggest sounding closing’s of 2017 so far. I am incredibly gutted to have not seen the band at their Key Club headline show this weekend as I’m sure this song was as explosive, if not more so than their “90 Degrees” release. Every rock band in the UK are trying to find their niche as the market gets dominated; The Elephant Trees are one of the tightest bands I’ve seen with more ambition and drive than most of their peers but the vocal brilliance and way in which the band can build a track is what sets this band apart and is the reason they are destined for success. LISTEN HERE!

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