Regan – Four Fingers

Halfway 2 Nowhere first saw Regan back in February in support of Young Amphibians – when we saw them then we said that of their eight song set, the song that should be recorded was “Four Fingers”. Here we are three four months later and the band have done just that.

We spoke to the band that night and after a number of hits and misses described them at the time as a brand of indie-rock I’d not seen before. With the release of “Four Fingers” not only have they taken on the genre of indie-rock in style, they’ve ripped up the britpop book and rewritten what it means to be a 90s band living in the 2010s.

“Four Fingers” is an exceptional effort from the young band from Bradford who come across nervous in person but know how to perform when they’re given the opportunity. I know from working with them closely they give it everything they have on a daily basis with little reward, but “Four Fingers”” is perfect example of the band taking things to the next level. Lead vocalist Aaron Regan provides a controlled, powerful vocal that soars over the riffs and britpop drums that fans of the band will be used to from live shows.

Rather than just replicating the sounds of the 90s though, the band have a modern edge on the track with a catchy chorus worthy of huge stages nationwide. The track isn’t just one dimensional either, with silent pauses and an infectious middle eight, Regan have provided music fans with an outlet from stereotypical indie-rock that has taken over Yorkshire in recent times. Along with Northern Comfort, Regan could be the band that brings back britpop to the mainstream media and I’m very much looking forward to hearing “Four Fingers” live very soon once again.

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