360 Club gives us Britpop night to remember

Our first ever show at the Lending Room in Leeds was one to remember as the three support acts for the Young Amphibians EP launch took the roof off the place. We reviewed the Young Amphibians EP in a previous post so felt it was right to focus on the three incredible acts we saw open for them on the 24th February.


First up were a band called Regan a Bradford based outfit who brought a brand of indie-rock to the 360 club I’m not sure I’ve seen before. In an explosive eight song set that was packed with huge hooks, riffs that were perfectly balanced with lead guitar and a fantastica vocal performance certainly set the night up well. The set highlight was “What I Need” which, as many of their songs did, touches of REM mixed with both The Ramones and Noel Gallagher…just take that in for a second. Hard to imagine? Check it out below – even in demo form there’s something special about this track. The two closing tracks Homesick and Four Fingers should be recorded and put out in single form properly because they got the crowd bouncing and with the catchy lyrics even singing along. Not Too Late was also a set highlight that showed off Aaron’s vocal ability and James’ lead skill – “It’s not too late to be someone” was sang out, in Regan’s case this is certainly true, it might have been a slow start for the band with members coming and going but it’s not too late for them to make an impact on the industry and I hope that everything works out for this band. It was a controlled, accomplished opening set and we can’t wait for what’s coming next. We caught up with Aaron and Jack after their set and we’ll be running a feature on the band over the weekend as our March “One to Watch” for 2017.


The Potenzas

Next up was a very confident looking young band that go by the name of The Potenzas. From Leeds, the confidence was justified as the local band got the crowd moving and singing right from the off with their Arctic Monkeys style music which coupled nicely with the softer vocal from Julian. Even though the look was pinpoint Turner when I closed my eyes I didn’t actually hear music as simplistic as their big Sheffield influencers. There were Beatles esque bass and rhythm guitar combinations mixed with upbeat Wombats style riffs which made for a great listen. The band had energy in their hometown and the “swag” and confidence on show by the whole band reflected onto the audience who allowed themselves to relax and get into the set a bit more than Regan who were just that bit more polished. A great set with great chemistry, sure to make waves in the Leeds music scene in the next year. If I did have one quarm it would be that I do feel the band are better than they think they are, if they find their niche then they’ll be a serious force.

Northern Comfort

The last act on before the headline act was Northern Comfort who, to put it simply, blew me away. To put their set into perspective – our Instagram post was captioned “Oasis who?” and that wasn’t just a quip, or a passing statement, it was done genuinely. The band’s set, led by energetic front-man Luke, felt like I was watching a band with the potential of the Gallagher brother’s reborn in Yorkshire form – it really was an exceptionally accomplished set that was clean but raw, tight but relaxed and above all exciting to watch. Far too often I go to a show where a band is labelled “the future of britpop” and they’re just a Blur cover band or Stone Roses wannabees, Northern Comfort are different, they have that bit more. I realise throughout this review the amount of “big hitters” I’ve made reference to is quite astonishing and may feel over exaggerated but I honestly believe these words I’m writing. With just 310 Facebook likes, to perform a set as well as this band did on the 24th was incredible, and memorable and Luke, Sam, Hannah and Ciaran can be excited for their future and we can’t wait to meet them properly and check it wasn’t just a one off (which we’re sure it wasn’t).

It really was a fantastic evening of music and when Young Amphibians next come to town we will do a full review of their headline set but we felt with it being an EP launch we would properly review Junked Up Heart which can be viewed on our website. 

Contact us if you need to find any of the bands upcoming tour dates or get following on their socials!


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