‘Avalanche Party’ will become the centre of your latest musical fantasies…

The Party is brought to you by: Jordan Bell (Vocals + Guitar), Jared Thorpe (Vocals + Guitar), Kane Waterfield (Drums), Joe Bell (Bass) and Glen Adkins (Keys)

Genre: Garage Rock n’ Roll

For fans of: Nick Cave, Plaza, Iggy Pop, The Stooges, The OCs

Northumbria University’s very own music festival (The Canny Fringe) launched this weekend and we were lucky enough to interview Saturday night’s headliners ‘Avalanche Party’.  Having not experienced the band for ourselves before, we entered the festival open-minded and perhaps a little wary after hearing rumours of a ‘feral’ nature…

Following a pretty full on UK tour, the guys had a final spurt of energy leftover for Saturday night. ‘Half of the gigs were sold out and the rest were rammed’ Joe told us, so they were ready to go out with a final bang that could compete with their favourite show so far in Glasgow. After growing up surrounded only by wilderness in the North Yorkshire Moors, the band are excited to finally have the chance to explore. Whilst many artists would have struggled to enter the music scene with such an isolated upbringing, Joe explained that it actually aided them since: ‘we didn’t go to school so just played music instead’. ‘You didn’t need to worry about the neighbours so could play as loud and as often as you liked’, but they do admit that building an initial fan-base was difficult.

All that effort has paid off so far though as the band have received glowing reports from the industry, with even the likes of Radio 1 showcasing their latest single ‘Solid Gold’.  Ultimately, the band hope to make all of their money from music, without struggling anymore. Currently, they are forced to spread gigs out so there is time to earn sufficient funds in between. Eventually though, Jared hopes to make enough money from music to live comfortably and treat his mum to a Glastonbury Festival tepee.

Jordan, Jared, Kane, Joe and Glen have known each other through touring with previous bands for a long time now, but have only been in their current line-up for a year. When on stage, it became instantly obvious that each member brings a unique persona. They believe that these are inspired more by their friends and fellow local artists than any mainstream bands. Each of them is seen doing their own thing and expressing their individual style throughout. Often when bands are mingled together like this, the result can be a tad forced and awkward, but Avalanche Party were captivating for all the right reasons.

The band pre-warned us to expect a lot of sweat and they weren’t joking. Frontman Jordan was literally dripping by the end – a pleasing sight when combined with his leather jacket and lack of T-shirt, we all agreed. Not once did he break his domineering stage character however. The same level of focus was maintained throughout and this was matched by the energy intensity of every other member.

To conclude, previous feral rumours were arguably an understatement. If asked to succinctly describe the Avalanche Party vibe, we would amplify this to sultry, sweaty dominance and there is no doubt that you will be left craving more…

Review by: Dana Wilson 07/03/2017

If you too wish to experience the Avalanche Party, then get yourself to the Night & Day Café in Manchester on March 18th where they will be performing in association with ‘This Feeling’. The band will also be headlining Stockton Calling Festival on April 15th before heading out on a European tour.

Keep an ear out for the release of Avalanche Party’s new single which should be around towards the end of the month too…


Other highlights of The Canny Fringe Festival included up and coming bands Deep.Sleep, VITO and Mint plus the mesmerising acoustic artists Sarah Connolly and Soham De. There’s still another weekend of music, drama and comedy to go so get yourself down to Northumbria Student’s Union on the 11th/12th of March to enjoy more fantastic local talent.

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