“I Wanna Know” why it’s taken me this long to find this band

Sheffield, Yorkshire’s self-described home of music, has yet again produced a band that are ready to take on the national scene, that band are Floodhounds. 

New single “I Wanna Know” was released this weekend and launched at the incredible Outlines Festival this Saturday (4th March). Jack, Rhys and Lauren have taken things to the next level with this new track and although it reflects many of their previous tracks, which admittedly I’ve had to play catch up listening to, it has a more definitive sound, almost like the band are starting to believe in their musical ability. The track is ambitious sounding whilst still feels grounded as it should at this early stage in the bands career.

Starting with a huge riff structure with sticky bass notes, Jack’s smooth vocal seeps into the track beautifully. The first verse is tight, the vocal is on point the music is in perfect sync then the Black Keys come Arctic Monkeys esque chorus crashes in. I have to admit I love the chorus progression and the lead guitar that takes charge of the track after is a very subtle way of easing into the second verse. Technically brilliant, musically very skilled.

The catchy chorus will be a crowd pleasure for sure with simple lyrics but lovely layered music running underneath in Floodhounds blues-rock iconic style, made to get people moving. The “Now you know what you want, you don’t know what you’ve got” progression then kicks in – if the chorus wasn’t enough to get people singing out then this certainly will! It’s a great way to fade the track out and it’s only a shame I missed their set this weekend in Sheffield.

Look out for these guys this year I’m sure we will be hearing much more of them. If like me you hadn’t heard of them before 2017, check out their backlog it really is superb also and is worth taking the time out to listen and get prepared for the live show you’ll inevitably want to intend after hearing “I Wanna Know.”

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thanks to Adam from the Halfway to Nowhere blog for reviewing our new single “I Wanna Know”, it’s a relatively new blog but they’re featuring all the kinds of live and recorded music that we like so we’ll be reading with interest.


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