Live: Double Denim – Verve, Leeds

Halfway to Nowhere’s first Double Denim Live of 2017 was without doubt a resounding success. Four bands with masses of potential took to the stage over three hours of heavy indie vibes, guitar solos and killer vocals.

All the way from London, Lighthouse were the first act out. With their new single release imminent, this very accomplished set seemed to mark the start of what could be a big year for the band. Despite not having a setlist, the foursome improvised their way through a set full of hard hitting indie hooks and harmonies reminiscent of the early Catfish days. Double Denim have yet again sourced a band that will be selling out much bigger venues very soon.

Next up was Sounds Like a Storm, a local band who looked right at home on the Verve Bar stage. You certainly wouldn’t know these guys only formed in April of last year as their songs were so tight, so strong and the confidence from frontman Sennen Ludman (what a rock ‘n’ roll name!) was lovely to see from such a young band. Flying through a set of tunes that fans of Jet or more recently VANT would be into, Sounds Like a Storm only seemed to be loosening up when their penultimate song Leeds concluded. The handwritten setlist we managed to get our hands on will most definitely be worth a lot of money when these guys hit the bigtime which at this rate, will not be too far in the distant future.


The band that followed were described by H2N as as “If U2 and Springsteen had a Gaslight Anthem baby then incest occured” you’d get Deep City Diver. If that isn’t testament to the quality on display by this London based threesome then I’m not sure what is. With huge choruses and rhythm guitar fit for Bono himself, the set was almost perfectly executed with fast sections mingled beautifully with slower segments. At one point lead singer Ryan Nico even left the stage to riff alongside the Verve Bar crowd, something that was received well by their new fans. A great main support to the night’s headliners, Courtyards.

H2N have been following Courtyards for a while now. Since the release of Go Down in 2016, the potential these guys have has been unquestioned. This was the first time seeing them live however and they exceeded every expectation we had. Matt’s vocals were on-point, raw yet harmonious, edgy but clean. Each song that the band played seemed to be better than the last and it was just a joy to hear such catchy choruses being performed over genuinely brilliant music. It’s hard in the current indie market not to sound cheesy when the choruses are so infectiously good but Courtyards don’t even get close to this line. With the release of Firelight at the end of this month, 2017 is set to be a massive one for this band from Huddersfield and we can’t wait to watch them go from strength to strength.

DD Live has yet again done a superb job of booking everybodys next favourite bands and we at H2N can’t wait to see what else is on the horizon for 2017 and beyond.


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